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Edgy Inspirational Book Challenge

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KIM MEEDER and LAURIE SACHER are very close friends. We can count Mia, the dog, as part of this friendship. One day Laurie adopts Mia. Little does Laurie does not come to grips with all the ways Mia is suffering until she's in the car driving back home with Mia. While driving home, Mia begins to realize she has rescued an animal with big health issues. "Falling silent again, Laurie glanced out into the forest. Emotion tightened her voice as she recounted her dog's losses, her pain." Since Laurie is close to Kim, she shares long, significant talks with her friend while they hike or horseback ride. Mia becomes the center of their conversations. These conversations always lead to God's heavenly hand in our personal lives.

Kim's understanding of broken animals makes her the perfect person for Laurie to talk to about Mia. Kim and her husband own a horse ranch named Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. At the ranch Kim saves broken horses and wounded children. One incident …


JOYCE MEYER POWER THOUGHTS BY JOYCE MEYER is a very special book. Of course, each book she writes is uniquely helpful to Christian growth in some way. I especially like this book because it deals with thought processes. It comes across very clearly in Power Thoughts that there is no way for me to grow without asking the Lord to help me conquer the fortresses in my mind. I must in order to please the LORD bring every thought in to captivity. There is no doubt that HE will help me. I just have to trust HIM.  In the book, Joyce Meyer gives a dozen or Twelve Power Thoughts. The twelve ways of thinking will definitely make the richest, most blessed Christian's life better. For those, like me, who have only begun to take baby steps can only expect to see their spiritual and physical lives improve. Along with a wealth of scriptures, Joyce Meyer has planted this thought-provoking book with journal prompts. These prompts are to help remove the "can'ts" from our lives. In their…


This devotional is special to me for more than one reason. I especially loved A YEAR WITH GOD BY R.P. NETTELHORST because the scripture verses are taken from the Old Testament. Often people say the Old Testament has nothing to do with our life now. After all,  we no longer need to make a Burnt offering or some other offering. Besides, Christ has come and given His life for us. The Old Testament is just about physical duties people had to fulfill in order to have a relationship with their Creator God. However, once I began to read the devotions in A Year With God it became very evident that the Old Testament is full of words telling about God's loves for me, His child. When I don't show love toward God, it hurts Him. He yearns deeply for a relationship with me, His child.  His Everlasting Love is wrapped tightly around us like a warm sheep lined jacket. The author writes "They weren't loyal to God, but God's loyalty to them never wavered. Likewise, God will rememb…

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul

Random House Authors This novella is full of Christmas magic. It is the perfect book for any person who is not feeling the excitement of Christmas. Donita K. Paul turns on all the Christmas lights and decks all the halls with romance in Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball. There is also a bookstore, an old fashioned bookstore on a street named Sage street. I loved the name of the street. The name of the bookstore is delightful too. I tried over and over to say the third name, "Wizbotterdad." I never could do it. I would love to hear Donita K. Paul pronounce Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad .

When I was growing up, I had the chance to visit quite frequently a bookstore downtown. My mother and I took the trolley and subway to Leary's in Philadelphia. Leary's I thought of the store often while reading about this bookstore. Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad makes me remember wooden floors with a squeak, long tall book ladders to reach books far away from reaching …

Code Triage by Candace Calvert

Image Candace Calvert's Code Triage novel is one of the best Christian fiction books I have read in a long time. It is impossible to list what is not in this book because I felt it was chock full of almost every important issue our society faces today. The most important issue for me in the book is the fact that Main street, America are definitely inhabited by people who are not having their desires met in the way they wish. Sadly, these people become impatient and angry.It is not long before this anger becomes rage. Leigh Stathos, a doctor, in one day faces an out of control man who is a father and husband. Kurt Denton wants his family back with him. He does not care how it happens. The unexpected, horrible situation is one I've seen too often on the news lately. I felt very happy to read about it in the genre called Christian fiction. After such terrible circumstances it is possible to regroup and repeat again "Give thanks to the God of heaven. …


Many times while reading THE WEIGHT OF SHADOWS BY ALISON STROBELI would stop myself from using the wrong title. The words The Weight of Silence would come to my mind. I felt very silly. Then I thought about the plot of  Alison Strobel's novel. The characters in the story carry the heavy weight of SHADOWS and silence. This  novel is all the better because it is Christian fiction. After a very quick romance, these two people decide to live together. They become engaged choosing their date of marriage as the next July. Rick quickly tells about his past to Kim. Kim shares her past with Rick. Both have lived through terrible childhoods. Neither Kim nor Rick have made peace with their demons. Kim knows a little about Jesus. Rick not as much as Kim. So it is a relationship void of the Savior, Jesus Christ, to guide and aid them with His comfort and eternal love. Soon the relationship changes between Kim and Rick. The changes are far from good, unpredictable and unexpected.

Crestmont by Holly Weiss

I have just ended a wonderful journey to Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania during the 1920's. The story takes place at the Crestmont Inn. Gracie is the main character who leaves home with the dream of becoming a Vaudeville singer. The book ends in the 1970's.  So we start with Gracie as a young, single woman with a strong dream making her way through life with only the new friends she meets at Crestmont Inn. Reading the book is like taking a step by step walk through any ordinary woman's life. The book is gentle and quiet. Nothing really drastic happens except for those who die from age or small accidents like a golf ball hitting one of the Woods' children on the head during the parade. Also, this is Christian fiction. There are scriptures within the story. I really loved the times when authors or titles of books were mentioned.: Sister Carrie, F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Woman in White.

I liked the book because of the daily moments that can happen to any person. It proved to …

She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

When I began reading She Walks in Beauty by SIRI MITCHELL, I thought of Edith Wharton. I remembered Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence because the story happens in Old New York. Siri Mitchell's novel also happens in Old New York, almost at the turn of the Nineteenth century, The Gilded Age. The idealistic values of the rich, those who wish to be rich and those with either money or an influential name are the characters in She Walks in Beauty. Mainly this Christian novel is about Clara and her best friend Lizzie, the men they meet and of course, the Aunt. It is time for the coming out dance. This is the time when a lady has the chance to become a man's pick. After all, during this period, the woman does not have the right to choose her husband and friends. A woman's life is chosen for her as if she had no sense at all. God forbid if a woman is not chosen by a good man at the coming out party or if the woman strays from the path of righteousness and beco…

DARE TO TAKE CHARGE ~ HOW TO Live Your Life on Purpose by Judge Glenda Hatchett

This book, Dare To Take Charge is a special gift from Judge Glenda Hatchett. The writing style of the book is filled with a caring heart for her family, the young people and parents she met while on the bench in Fulton County, Georgia. This book also shows her intense interest for the community when she is not sitting on the bench. Judge Glenda Hatchett is one of those people who carries her heart on her shoulder for all to see. She has a heart of action that will reach out at any time to give extra time to help a person out of a dark place and into a healthy, well lighted environment. If she needs extra help, she will call and ask for it. Believe me she knows lots of important people. These other people are capable of turning a person's world around too.

There are so many memorable anecdotes in DARE TO TAKE CHARGE. One true story is about a young boy who had been abandoned. He needed his mother so badly. He was like melting putty without his mother to guide him thro…

Scripture Memory Verse 9/26/10-10/2/10

Collettas kitchen sink Scripture Memory Verse This meme is given by Colletta's Kitchen Sink.  The verse is Luke 6:46.

Love's First Bloom by Delia Parr

Ruth Livingstone's father is a preacher. His name is Rev. Gershom Livingstone. He is a kind man with a daughter named Ruth. Rev. Livingstone's mission in life is to save the Fallen Angels in New York City. His desire is to give these young women the chance to meet the Lord and live clean, wholesome lives. Rev. Livingstone's whole life changes when he becomes convicted for murdering one of these women. Not only does his life change, his daughter, Ruth's, life changes also. Ruth will begin  a new chapter in New Jersey. Each day is an unknown for Ruth as she worries about her father and all of the recent circumstances in her life including the baby, Lily, the daughter of the murdered prostitute.

Ruth lives every day depending on faith. She prays constantly. "What could possibly matter to any man if he spends even a single day of his life without serving God?" Ruth also starts a small garden. The garden is the one place where she can fine privacy, peace and also…

Thankful Thursday

Well Watered Garden
1I am thankful for different fruits like pears, apples, grapes, bananas.
2.I am thankful for the freedom to think in the way I choose.
3.I am thankful for park benches
4.I am thankful for memories
5.I am thankful for friends.

Bittersweet Memories by Cecilia Dowdy

In Bittersweet Memories by Cecelia Dowdy, I became so involved with the problems facing the characters in the book. Karen Brown is the main character. After disturbing information about her fiancee, she returns to her mother's home in Annapolis. Lionel, Karen's fiancee, shamelessly embezzles thousands of dollars from their church. The assistant treasurer becomes his accomplice. I felt so badly for Karen. It is no surprise that Karen ends up at her mother's home with baggage and a heavily burdened heart.

Karen quickly learns bad memories don't disappear like melting ice. She learns ugly circumstances will follow her until she makes peace with what has happened to her. Thankfully, she knows how to stay in prayerful contact with The Lord. She also communicates with her mother. Cecilia Dowdy wrote deeply about the relationship between the mother and daughter. A subject most psychologists and social workers have spent great time studying and writing about in different book…

Murder, Mayhem and a fine man by Claudia Mair Burney(CHRISTIAN FICTION)

Murder, Mayhem & a fine man by Claudia Mair Burney is a novel about the powerful issue of cult involvement. At the very end of the book Claudia Mair Burney gives her heroine a voice one last time in the novel. Bell give five important points to know whether the man you are falling for is an off the wall character who might bring danger and trouble your way. These five points might possibly lead some woman away from a man who has his head on wrong. If readers read this book, I hope that they will not bypass this important page.

In the novel Amanda Bell Brown is a psychologist. She brings her life experiences to one important case. After two men are murdered, Bell is called to talk to Susan Hines. Involved with a cult leader Susan Hines has become totally unresponsive to anyone. As Bell works with this young woman her past comes back to haunt her. She sees Susan Hines as whom she might have become if God had not saved her.

Bell meets Jazz while he is working the same case. Jazz, in…


FLIGHT to HEAVEN BY CAPT. DALE BLACK is a "A PILOT'S TRUE STORY." Capt. Dale Black is a strong man. Unexpectedly one day his whole life changes while he rides in a two engine plane with two other men. The pilot can see nothing in the dark. Soon the plane crashes leaving two of the men dead. Capt. Dale Black is rescued. However, almost every part of his body is broken, smashed or shaved off. Part of his face is shaved off. Living with all of these injuries he also has to live with the guilt of being blamed for the crash. Also, most people want to know why they survived while other people died.

It is not long before we learn that Capt. Dale Black is a man of faith. He begins to rely heavily on the Lord's help believing God is a miracle worker. Often his doctor will shake his head in wonder when there is seemingly impossible change in a smashed ankled where no blood is flowing. At other times, Capt. Dale Black will feel God does not want him to fly again. This makes h…


It is far from unusual to read a wonderfully inspiring novel by Angela Benson. Her books are never too preachy. Angela Benson's books are just about life's realities. UP POPS THE DEVIL is about a man named Preacher. Preacher has been serving time in prison. While in prison, his whole way of life went through a tremendous change. When he is released to go home, he is a Christian. I really adored this book because it is about making a good change in a really screwed up life. However, becoming a good person does not always equal immediate happiness and comfort. If anything, changing from a worldly person to a Godly person can make your whole life turn an ugly topsy turvy: old friends might not believe in you anymore, siblings might feel disappointed that you are no longer the person who takes dangerous risks. Old girlfriends might feel their new life is threatened by the past they shared with you. All sorts of dynamics can happen for the newly, changed person wanting to live on …

A Wretched Man by R W Holmen

A Wretched Man by R W Holmen is a stupendous novel about Paul, The Apostle. Most of us are aware of Paul's Damascus Road change, his beatings, his letters to the churches and his friendships before and after conversion. My question became do I need to read a fictionalized picture of his life. My answer became yes rather quickly after I started reading the book. Without reading this book about Paul, The Apostle I had an idea of a man. In other words, I had an unfinished painting. R W Holmen paints a background for the painting I held in my mind. The book is beautifully written full of descriptions of the Holy Land's landscape and Agriculture. "He longed for....his parent's rooftop, the smell of fresh goat leather....the taste of ....fresh bread dipped in honey, the feel of goat's milk warming his throat, and the splashing melody of the river rapids."

 Words written like this quote from the book made me see a place more clearly. Along with the pictures of the l…


"A frog can flap its little legs and never fly."

While reading YOU CAN BE Everything GOD WANTS YOU TO BE BY MAX LUCADO, I read the above quote. I chuckled. Then, I reread the quote. I recognized the fact that at times I have acted like a frog trying to fly. When I was young, I behaved this way many times. Unfortunately, I did not own a wonderful book like the one Max Lucado has written for young people. It would have helped put my jigsaw puzzle self together. This is a very practical, God centered book.

On the front of the book is a bright orange circle. In the circle are the words "Perfect Gift FOR THE Graduate." I say amen to that advertisement. This book is one I would carry everywhere. It is small. It is light weight. It does not look like a nerdy book. The book cover fits a young woman or young man. After all, who does not love a goldfish? Besides this is a goldfish which is out of his purpose. The question comes to mind if a goldfish is not happy with his sm…

A Maze of Grace by Trish Ryan

A Maze of Grace is Trish Ryan's second book. I want to read her first book, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Trish Ryan shares some details that are in her first book in A Maze of Grace. I wondered how in the world she survived that part of her life. However, she did pick herself up, dust herself off and start all over again. I'm sure she could only do it with God's hand in her hand. The second book is very revealing and honest. Trish Ryan is not afraid to write about days when you don't know where you are going, if you will get there or if you have already been to that place already. Trish Ryan comes clean and tells about wandering in a maze almost like the way the Israelites wandered in the desert.

I was especially moved when she told about she and her husband's desire to have a baby. I've read other books about infertility. I have to say A Maze of Grace really put her shoes on my feet. Truly, I do not believe the struggles with infertility can become real, und…
I am thankful for my doctor and his nurseI am thankful for my grandchildrenI am thankful for the beauty of flowersI am thankful for the freedom to worship June 24, 2010

I am thankful for sunny daysI am thankful there is going to be an escrow acct. for the people who have suffered on the GulfI am thankful for the friendly mail workers who work so hard in the heatI am thankful for my cat. She gives her love so freely.

Chasing Ararat by Gita Nazareth

"Chasing Ararat" is about death and heaven. There is the sweetness of the death. From the way Gita Nazareth describes "Shemaya" all of my boring, heavy, monotonous chores will end. In the novel, Shemaya is likened to a "vacation." While visiting Brek Cuttler in heaven, I became loaded down with too many imaginary ideas. These ideas stated by the author confused and perplexed me. I didn't understand the train station idea. I didn't understand the idea of trials without judgment. I especially disliked and thought it ludicrous that a man who had been decapitated during his life would talk with someone in heaven and his head would come off for the second time and the area would spout blood. Really, I thought this was somewhat silly. I had a lot of problems with this book. I feel it let me down. I do not blame Gita Nazareth. I blame myself. My mind is too shallow to catch her images and their meaning. I am too earthy to understand Shemaya. However, I …

Hurricanes In Paradise by Denise Hildreth

How important is friendship? I've always been taught that friends are able to make our lives more balanced and happy. "Hurricanes in Paradise" by Denise Hildreth is about four women, Laine, Winnie, Tamyra and Riley, who meet in the Bahamas during a vacation. Before their trip to the islands these women did not know one another. Their friendships are new and serendipitous. Perhaps, miraculous is the word. After all, the life journey of each one became less heavy after they met one another in Paradise.

Like in all friendships there is anger, misunderstandings, laughter, tears and the revealing of secrets. Behind all of these emotions is a "healing" of body and mind. The first person to mention a "healing" is Roy Rogers, a man who meets each woman at the airport. Who is Roy Rogers? I have my idea. You might have a different idea. I'll say he is an ethereal person.

While there are many emotional hurricanes going on in "Hurricanes in…

The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews

U166 Crew List The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews is an inspiring, miraculous, fascinating book. This true story is told to Andy Andrews by the couple who lived these experiences during the Forties, WWII,  in Alabama near the Gulf Coast. The book begins when Andy Andrews finds a few pieces of WWII memorabilia buried under a tree in a can in his yard. Like any author with a questioning mind Andy Andrews begins a journey to find the story behind the buttons, ring and photograph. His curiosity will lead him to a true story magnificent in its proportions.

When I began the book, I had no idea what a U-boat looked like, and neither did I realize how close the German U-boats came to our shores. The Heart Mender is a story of war at its ugliest and hatred for fellow human beings. It is also a love story, a lesson about forgiveness and the meaningful relationships of people in a small town. Usually, we hear about England in WWII and Germany. Not often do we hear about what was happening on our Am…

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go by lucille O'Neal

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go by Lucille O'Neal is an extraordinary book. From the beginning until the end her life story is hypnotizing. Not because she is so different from other women. It's because she is an ordinary woman who kept God close beside her. In the worst of times and the best of times Lucille O'Neal was like Job. She believed her Redeemer lived.

In the Foreward of the book Shaquille O'Neal, the NBA basketball player, calls his mother an  angel. Since I did not know anything about Lucille O'Neal before opening the book, my eyes would always glance down to the light green round circle on the front of the book, Walk Like You Have Somewhere to go. The words in the circle are "From Mental Welfare to Mental Health." I had never heard the term Mental Welfare. The two words had my attention until she explained their meaning in the book.

For a long time Lucille O'Neal did not have Mental welfare. She had a very low opinion of herself. Being…


When you write your review, do not give a book report. I have heard or read this statement more than once since writing reviews. For a long time I did write book reports. It was not easy writing why I book impressed me or why a book did not impress me. Thank goodness, I have begun to slowly get off the book report horse and have climbed on to the horse named My Impressions.

Herman Wouk  rocked my world in only 183 pages.  After reading the words spoken by one of the men who helped make the Atomic bomb, I became a bit loose headed. This intellectual said in so many words Calculus is the language of God. Soon I lost my way. I wandered in a dark, dreary and vague world. I had reached another planet.I was trying to learn Calculus which is a total impossibility for my little brain.  I am use to lighter fare. That is all I need on my tiny plate of a mind and/or brain. You see Mathematics and Science are not in my hemisphere. I am having difficulty just remembering the names of the scientis…

Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers Free Review Copy

Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers is a wonderfully amazing story about a Swiss woman named Marta. Marta's father is a hard man. Her mother is kind while her sister Elise is as soft as a whisper. Therefore, she clings closely to her mother. The book is indeed Marta's Legacy. Marta proves herself to be strong always depending on the help of the Lord while moving forward doing what she can herself. Sometimes her strength is almost like a bulldog when it comes to protecting her future family. Martawithout fear moves around the country ending up in Canada and California.

Soon, she buys a boardinghouse and manages it and the boarders with a kind firmness. Marta is the woman whom most women would like as a role model. She loves God. She is able to offer wise advice to her husband, and she is a mother who always keeps her children as her chief focus. At times, she seems too tough. There were many times I felt sorry for Hildemara, her daughter. I had to remember Marta was stri…

From God to You 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb

This book, 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb is astounding. I've always wanted to read a helpful Bible aide about every book in the Bible especially those books like Revelations and Leviticus. Thankfully God heard my desire. I received a copy of the 66 Love Letters which is described as "A Conversation With God That Invites You Into His Story." Thankfully God heard me.  I doubt if I will ever read another book as user friendly as this one.

The book is put together with Dr. Crabb sharing his personal conversations with God. Many times throughout the book, I thought Dr. Crabb knew my inner thoughts. I had grappled with the same questions as he grappled with through those nights. I also love the way he, Dr. Crabb, makes each book in the Bible extremely interesting and simplistic. Truly, this is a book I intend to pull off the shelf over and over again.
Reading Dr. Crabb's dedication in 66 Love Letters I realized my needs were similar to the needs or desires of his d…

The Bridge :Between "Cell Block A" And A "Miracle" Is: Psalm 91 by Jackie Carpenter

From the moment "THE BRIDGE" arrived in my mailbox, I thought of the book as a special gift. Along with the book came a gold pin titled Psalm 91, a bookmark and a personal autograph from Jackie Carpenter, the mother of Jason Veitch. When I opened the book, I started reading and could not stop unless someone knocked on the door, the telephone rang, or I needed to check on a meal being cooked for dinner.

It is impossible to tell in my own words the tragic ordeal, trial, painful days and months lived through by this family and their friends. I do know from Georgia to New York and back again prayers rose to Father God and His Son, Jesus Christ's throne.

This book "THE BRIDGE" taught me the importance of holding God's eternal and able hand throughout the ordeals of life. The Father and Son will never reject us. They will only hold us up until a merciful deliverance comes to us. I have learned the importance of a prayer closet. If no prayer closet is near, I hav…

The Lightkeeper's Daughter by Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble is a new Christian fiction author for me. My feeling is that I've discovered a treasure chest of precious books.The LIGHTKEEPER'S DAUGHTER is full of excitement, suspense, inspiration and romance. It begins with the life of Addie who has grown up with the keepers of a Lighthouse in Mercy Falls, California. They find Addie after a shipwreck. Soon Addie becomes aware her whole life is a mystery. There are a few clues left behind to lead Addie Sullivan to the truth. These clues are like God's light in a dark tunnel.

I loved reading along as Addie searched for the truth of her family history. I realized the empty hole of not knowing our past never goes away. For this reason, gnawing questions followed Addie's every footstep. These questions led her to rely more than ever on God's ability to help us in a time. In the end it stuck in my head that God is my protector from all dangers. No aged puzzle is too complicated for him to piece together from beginni…
hearing from GOD each morning by Joyce Meyers

Unfortunately, I have never met Joyce Meyers in person. When she came to our home town one year my husband and son had the chance to go and hear her speak for three nights. I was at work. My husband excitedly told me over and over about her passion for God. He said she also had the ability to make the audience feel God's presence in the crowded room.

I never doubted what my husband told me. I watched her speak on tv. She seemed to speak to me as a friend. I was sure she knew me through and through as she told about her flaws and the many strengths of her husband. Now for the first time I've enjoyed sitting quietly with one of her books, "hearing GOD each morning."

Yes, Joyce Meyer's  has written many books. This particular book struck me because of the title. I have always wanted to get up each morning knowing that without a doubt God was beside me. This devotional is wonderful because Joyce Meyer writes so simply abo…

The Sweet By and By Sara Evans

I am almost tempted to list this book as one of my favorites of 2009. The book is jam packed with different issues and with solidly built characters. The story takes place in Whisper Hollow, Tennessee. What a surprise to read about Chattanooga. This is a place I know well.

Jade is the main character along with her fiance Max. Each of these two characters have a past. I have always heard the old saying "let bygones be bygones." After reading "The Sweet By and By," I had to rethink this idea because no matter how much Jade or Max tried not to deal with the past it always appeared in their present moments.

While reading about the people in Whisper Hollow, I also thought about our personal choices in life. Those choices ultimately have good or bad consequences. I feel the longer it takes to say "I made this choice. It's my fault." might hinge on how long it takes before we allow Christ to enter our life. If Christ is already known, it might take longer f…