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A Collection of Writings Inspired by God by Diane K. Chamberlain

"We can feel as though we will never experience anything new or good again because of all the storms that we have had to face. Just as the seasons change; God will change things in our lives too. We may be experiencing a season of winter, when everything in our lives seems so drab but just as winter comes to an end and spring once more begins; we too will eventually walk out of the winter moments in our lives and once more, we will begin to experience a new springtime in our hearts."

31 Days of Gratitude


Begin on May 1st, 2014

I am grateful for this day and this moment. Not thinking of yesterday or tomorrow. Just thankful for now.

Mama Namibia

"As I get off the train at Neuhaus, I glance up at Burg Veldenstein standing guard over the village and am amazed at the progress that's been made. No longer a ruin, the old castle looks as solid as the day it was first built. I quicken my pace, eager to see the restoration up close...So you're off to Africa? Epenstein leads me into the fortress....I'll be in Kiel for a few weeks,  and then I'm heading to South West Africa as part of the Marine Expeditionskorps."

Finding Expression /Chopra and Oprah Day 5

I am creativity. Truth and creativity are within me. Therefore, feeling blocked is not normal. My truth and creativity are within. I must use my creativity and share it with others in order to experience a complete life and a life filled with joy. Finding my expression is important. Each of us has a unique calling.

Finding Love

Love and compassion lives within us. It doesn't seek love. It just wants to express love. The love it expresses is always unconditional. This love doesn't criticize or judge others around us. Love can't exist where there is fear.

Finding Power

Centering Thought
My power and strength are within.

My power is limitless. The Creator has limitless power. He has put this same power within me. If I repeat this daily and come to believe it, I will be able to face the hard times that are a part of life. This thought is very comforting. When difficulties come, I don't want to appear like a big baby but like a strong woman full of faith and limitless power.

Day 2 Finding Happiness Chopra and Oprah

Day 2

Today I learned happiness is within me. Happiness comes from nothing external or around me because all that is outside me is fragile and can or will disappear or go away. If I find or depend on inner happiness, that can not be taken from me. It is always mine.So I am the source of unlimited happiness.

It is easier for me to understand day 2 than day 1. I might have to go over the safety and security step again. I am happy to have the chance to take this meditation series for 21 days. Can't believe it's free to all who would like to join.

Lights Over Emeral Creek by Shelley Davidow NetGalley

This novel is made up of  many intricate parts including a simple and beautiful plot about a young girl named Lucy and her dad, Stephen, who live in Queensland, Australia. Lucy helps her dad run an Adventure Park. There are constantly visitors coming and going enjoying animals like the Lorikeet and the Kookaburra. Lucy is a paraplegic. Lucy's life becomes extraordinary when she begins to meet the supernatural in her own backyard. This is where Lights Over Emerald Creek by Shelley Davidow takes a wide turn from reality into fantasy but fantasy that has some truth to it.

At this point, I felt like my body had boarded a flying saucer. I had to tilt my thoughts to go on this journey with Lucy and her new friend from Scotland, Jonathan. Lucy becomes aware of something called Cymatics. I had never heard of this term. It is beyond my understanding. So, I am adding a Wikipedia meaning here which describes just what Lucy sees and hears. This experience seemed to me as wild and …

Lights Over Emerald Creek by Davidow

"the sunlight, the warmth, the sounds of the lorikeets whose songs hovered harmoniously in distinct musical intervals over her head."

The Prodigal by Derek Walcott

"the smell of history I carry in my clothes
like smoke, the smell of a washed street in Pescara,
the sun-on-stone smell of the hills of Tuscany."

The Bear A Novel by Claire Cameron / Little, Brown and Company

This is a novel about a family on a camping trip. However, this camping trip will have an unusual and very tragic ending. The novel takes place at Algonquin Park, Bates Island, Lake Opeongo in 1991. The novel ends in 2011 at Algonquin Park. Because of the tragedy these children return home totally changed. Life will never be the same in their Canadian home. As Anna, the daughter and sibling, might say, "We were four. Now we are two." Sadly, their parents are murdered by a bear. Anna who is five years old and her brother, Alex or Stick, who is two years old, survive in the park alone while their parents lie dead or near death close by. I think of it as a very sad coming of age novel because the narrator all the way through the novel is Anna, a five year old. Stick calls her Nana. 

It is the details like Alex's nickname for Anna and Anna's nickname for Alex that still stick in my mind and remain unforgettable. I truly can say my heart fell in love with children all over…

The Bear by Claire Cameron

And Daddy said he was so happy to be with us and that we were in Algonquin Park and that was a good way to be four. Bates Island, Lake Opeongo, Algonquin Park

The Book of John


This is a Bible Challenge to read The Book of John and finish in time for Easter. I've never done a Bible challenge. I have finished the first chapter of John. 

John 1:35 Again, the next day, John stood with two of his disciples. And looking at Jesus as He walked, he said, "Behold the lamb of God!"

I like knowing that one of the names of God is "The Lamb of God." I guess this is because sheep are one of my favorite animals. I would like to become like a lamb. Instead, I'm the opposite. I can be disobedient and all the other negative traits of being human. A lamb seems so gentle and obedient and meek. When I think of Jesus like a lamb, I become less afraid of Him. I know He won't hurt me. He is full of loving kindness. 


It isn't easy to share our honest selves with God or with ourselves. Rod Tucker in Uncovered gives the tools needed to make it less difficult. However, there is no way around the fact that a willingness to become vulnerable is necessary. However, as we become more open and forget about hiding our sins, vices or shortcomings, there is the gift of Grace from God and fellowship.

I wasn't aware of the different ways we can hide ourselves from others and ourselves. There are story examples given by the author. These helped me to understand on a deeper level what "uncovering" means. Just a small point from the book, I didn't understand the harm in giving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless people passing on the streets in New Orleans after Katrina had hit. It seemed like a small, nice beginning, a small way to show love and care.

It's a short book. The book is thought provoking. So I will think of it many times after writing this book review.

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley Source Books

Eva has suffered a terrible loss, the death of her sister Katrina. Eva's last loving duty to her sister, Katrina, is to return to their childhood in Cornwall. Eva believes this is the place Katrina would pick for her last resting place. While there, Eva spends many memorable moments with childhood friends. Friends whom she and Katrina enjoyed once upon a time along with their stepmother, Claire. 

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley is a Time Travel novel. The story is lovely and heavy with meaning about relationships. All of the characters whether villains are not make the novel feel real and intense. There are Mark and Susan, brothers and sisters. Claire, as said, is their stepmother, Eva is a long time friend. Oliver is another friend who enjoys and sees the wonder in Irish History. Another friend is Felicity. Felicity is an entrepreneur who wants to open a tea shop. 

Then, there is another set of characters to meet. The ones whom Eva meets when she falls from the Twenty First cen…