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Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers Free Review Copy

Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers is a wonderfully amazing story about a Swiss woman named Marta. Marta's father is a hard man. Her mother is kind while her sister Elise is as soft as a whisper. Therefore, she clings closely to her mother. The book is indeed Marta's Legacy. Marta proves herself to be strong always depending on the help of the Lord while moving forward doing what she can herself. Sometimes her strength is almost like a bulldog when it comes to protecting her future family. Martawithout fear moves around the country ending up in Canada and California.

Soon, she buys a boardinghouse and manages it and the boarders with a kind firmness. Marta is the woman whom most women would like as a role model. She loves God. She is able to offer wise advice to her husband, and she is a mother who always keeps her children as her chief focus. At times, she seems too tough. There were many times I felt sorry for Hildemara, her daughter. I had to remember Marta was stri…

From God to You 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb

This book, 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb is astounding. I've always wanted to read a helpful Bible aide about every book in the Bible especially those books like Revelations and Leviticus. Thankfully God heard my desire. I received a copy of the 66 Love Letters which is described as "A Conversation With God That Invites You Into His Story." Thankfully God heard me.  I doubt if I will ever read another book as user friendly as this one.

The book is put together with Dr. Crabb sharing his personal conversations with God. Many times throughout the book, I thought Dr. Crabb knew my inner thoughts. I had grappled with the same questions as he grappled with through those nights. I also love the way he, Dr. Crabb, makes each book in the Bible extremely interesting and simplistic. Truly, this is a book I intend to pull off the shelf over and over again.
Reading Dr. Crabb's dedication in 66 Love Letters I realized my needs were similar to the needs or desires of his d…

The Bridge :Between "Cell Block A" And A "Miracle" Is: Psalm 91 by Jackie Carpenter

From the moment "THE BRIDGE" arrived in my mailbox, I thought of the book as a special gift. Along with the book came a gold pin titled Psalm 91, a bookmark and a personal autograph from Jackie Carpenter, the mother of Jason Veitch. When I opened the book, I started reading and could not stop unless someone knocked on the door, the telephone rang, or I needed to check on a meal being cooked for dinner.

It is impossible to tell in my own words the tragic ordeal, trial, painful days and months lived through by this family and their friends. I do know from Georgia to New York and back again prayers rose to Father God and His Son, Jesus Christ's throne.

This book "THE BRIDGE" taught me the importance of holding God's eternal and able hand throughout the ordeals of life. The Father and Son will never reject us. They will only hold us up until a merciful deliverance comes to us. I have learned the importance of a prayer closet. If no prayer closet is near, I hav…