This devotional is special to me for more than one reason. I especially loved A YEAR WITH GOD BY R.P. NETTELHORST because the scripture verses are taken from the Old Testament. Often people say the Old Testament has nothing to do with our life now. After all,  we no longer need to make a Burnt offering or some other offering. Besides, Christ has come and given His life for us. The Old Testament is just about physical duties people had to fulfill in order to have a relationship with their Creator God. However, once I began to read the devotions in A Year With God it became very evident that the Old Testament is full of words telling about God's loves for me, His child. When I don't show love toward God, it hurts Him. He yearns deeply for a relationship with me, His child.  His Everlasting Love is wrapped tightly around us like a warm sheep lined jacket. The author writes "They weren't loyal to God, but God's loyalty to them never wavered. Likewise, God will remember you even when you forget all about Him."

In the beginning of my journey through A Year With God I reread a few times the quote by John Wesley. "The best of all is, God is with us." This devotional book is very user friendly. The chapters are divided by topics. For example, Loyalty and Betrayal, Forgiveness and Anger, Mercy and Judgment. This allowed me to read whatever section that seemed more relevant to my life at that time. I love the chapter titles too: "God's Battle-ax, Until it Comes Out Your Nose and Fading Flowers along with many other titles. In the end the purpose of the book is written on the cover of R.P. NETTELHORST'S devotional book. Make His Thoughts Your Thoughts.Nettlehorst


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