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SABBATH by dan b. allender

Dan B. Allender's SABBATH is an inspiring book about a journey you can take one day every week for the rest of your life. This day is the SABBATH. This one day chosen by GOD for man is not to be filled with legalisms. The Sabbath is like a fine dessert eaten after other heavy meals. The other heavy meals are activities done during the other days of the week. During the week trash is taken out, clothes are washed, school papers are graded, homework is scrutinized and moaned over, drivers try our patience by slowing down instead of speeding up on the highway.  Fun activities are just plain boring. The fatigue is so heavy inside like the honey in a bee that it is impossible not to yawn through television and sleep while we read a book. This means sitting in a  favorite chair at home and zonking out. Family and friends think this is relaxation. Really, a class is needed on how to relax because the world  is spinning faster and faster. The only way to survive is to hold …