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If I Run by Terri Blackstock (Netgalley)

My goodness, "If I Run" by Terri Blackstock is wonderful. It helped me come to grips again with the fact that we do live in a fallen world. People like Keegan, Frank Dotson and other people are deliberately cruel. One of the characters is stabbed six times. Who is behind it all? Try and guess. It's shocking. A girl is kept in captivity for two years. It's all heartbreaking.

On the other hand, God's people are just as real and mightier than those who perpetrate awful crimes on innocent people. There are people who have God's goodness in their heart. These are people like Miss. Lucy and Dylan and of course, Casey. I found it amazing that Casey, accused of murder, had the heart to care deeply about a mother and child. she had never met. She was willing to sacrifice her life to save their life. I think of Jesus who is the Greatest One to sacrifice His life for us. Saving us from death before we had repented of our sins.

I also thought about the hardships childr…

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The Kill Fee by Fiona Veitch Smith (Lion Fiction)

I am really liking this Russian mystery. I was drawn to the book because of the Faberge eggs. Those are so beautiful. While reading I've become more interested in knowing about the lives of the Tsar and Tsarina and children, their lives before the murders. I have seen a movie about Anastasia.

In the book, there is the mention of Rasputin. When I first read  a little bit about this man, his life spooked me. So at this time I have no interest about reading further about  him. I do want to read about his daughter. In this instance, it's an old novel titled "Rasputin's Daughter" by Robert Alexander.

Another Christmas mystery by Anne Perry

I suppose it's in the certificate of death where the cause of death is written. I've never thought these forms could seem important to any one but those closely involved with the deceased. Now while reading Anne Perry's "A Christmas Visitor," I find a cause of death listed as "taken by fairies!" I'm shocked! However, I shouldn't feel stunned. All societies have people who take their superstitions quite literally. I would like to know if there are any other original or peculiar causes of death listed in past records.

"They used to write that in as cause of death sometimes, you know ? Taken by fairies!"

Friday 56


Then there's Lord Peter. He lost out at the show when your bull got first prize. Though the prize money on its own isn't much, the value is enormous as it attracts breeders to the estate.

Book Beginnings

October 1917, Moscow

Above the glow of gaslight a sprinkling of stars was beginning to appear. A man kicked at the golden leaves carpeting the pavement which would, by morning, have a dusting of frost.

A Christmas Garland by Anne Perry

This is such a small, special book by Anne Perry. "A Christmas Garland" is filled with inspirational, hopeful thoughts for Christmas and any time of the year. I wanted to take time out and write down many quotes. The novella is also filled with a historical time in India's history. One man is under fire for the escape of an Indian prisoner after the Siege of Cawnpore. It is a brutal era that affected the British and the people of India. There were times I didn't want to read the details of this period. However, I trusted Anne Perry, and she handled the brutality with as much dignity as possible. The death of Chuttur is very ugly also. Think of hacking.

There is a courtroom drama. It's very interesting and passionate. There is a man named Narraway who takes on the case of Mr. Tallis, an orderly. Narraway is a reminder of Atticus Finch from "To Kill A Mockingbird." Narraway has a hard case to prove. He definitely doesn't want a man to han…

Give A Little Love by Rhonda McKnight

Not surprisingly, I am really liking the romance and History in  Rhonda McKnight's novella, "Give A Little Love." The hero or main character is named after Marcus Garvey. I've always heard of Marcus Garvey's Back to Africa movement. Just from a few sentences I've learned more about this famous man, Marcus Garvey.

"I was named after (Marcus Garvey) him. This book was published in 1923 when he was in prison in Atlanta. It's one of many pieces I've collected over the years...I like being named after such a powerful man. I try to live up to my name every day."

What Is On The Flap Of Your Book?

Is this possibly a meme?

Finally, I am in the Christmas mood. The credit goes to Anne Perry, the famous mystery author. I can't stop reading her Christmas series. Now I'm ready for my next one. It's titled "A Christmas Garland." The flap is very interesting and sad. First, the novella takes place in India. It's a courtroom drama. An innocent man is charged with a crime.  It is 1857, after The Siege of Cawnpore. When I picked this novella, I didn't realize it would tell about India's history.

"This time the mistress of mystery tells the story of a terrible crime that sets the stage for another: accusing an innocent man of murder."

Games of Make - Believe by Julie Ann Wambach (Brookside Press)

This novel reads like a true story. The writing style is great. However, it is a sad one to read during the holidays. The novel, "Games of Make - Believe" by Julie Ann Wambach happens in Utah, Phoenix Arizona and Virginia. It's about traditional and untraditional families. It's also about marriage, and it's unexpected difficulties. There were twists and turns. An orange limousine showed up giving me a moment of laughter. I had only seen black ones.

On the more serious side is the illness of a child. I've never known much about Diabetes in children especially for a child so young. It is good when a book can awaken our feelings about adult problems. It is especially good to learn more about the needs of children. Julie Ann Wambach writes tenderly and with concern about children. I did not expect to read about grown-ups taking advantage of children. Perhaps, it would help to give a warning that the mother, Bella, does experience this happening to her two little…

He Is Merciful

I am thinking of this mercy story. It's found in "The Prayer God Loves To Answer." Pastor Henderson gives a very personal mercy story. Although it's a military family, there is much of his story that reminds me of my "mercy story." I wasn't married yet. I didn't have children yet. My mercy story happened at the home place. I am wondering if there is a mercy granted each day. I shouldn't have to travel back a hundred years to find one. Is there a scripture written about new mercies coming into my life every day?

"I was truly "mercied" by the cross...I can never forget the mercy of Christ to my family and, accordingly, to my life."