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Jesus Lives by Sarah Young

Sarah Young has written another inspiring and special devotional book. "Jesus Lives" has given my devotions purpose and improved sour moods. While reading a devotion like "Heaven" or "Resting in Him," I think of Sarah Young's bout with illness. What a strong, mighty warrior she is to write and continue to glorify God while going through the worst of times. I do hope and pray her health will improve because her life means so much to so many other believers.

While reading a devotional, I am continually drawn to the front of the book or the photo on the particular page I'm reading. The picture of that cross reminds me Jesus is alive and the same today and everyday. He never changes remaining faithful sufficient for all of our needs at all times. Perhaps, it is my imagination. When I look at the cross, I also see an anchor. This valuable book, "Jesus Lives" by Sarah Young proves beyond doubt that Jesus lives and each day he is our anchor ho…

Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman with Ken Abraham

This is a powerful, important, interesting and fun to read book. I feel it has every step a person needs who would like to be an entrepreneur. Page after page George Foreman in layman's terms is leading a person through the right and wrong ways of becoming a successful businessman in his community. One important thing is to see a need and fill it. I loved the way he described seeing the first George Foreman Lean, Mean Grilling Machine. It wasn't handsome and pretty like the ones we see in department stores today or like the ones demonstrated on television. Well, it just wasn't attractive. Proving that sometime you have to go for and recognize the future look of a product. You have to take a risk. You need vision.

I have to admit to not being  or really desiring to be an entrepreneur. However, George Foreman almost had me sold on a new career in my later life. This is a book that is a knockout punch. It's great! Read it and learn without feeling like you are being taug…