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Angel Harp by Michael Phillips

I have taken a trip to Scotland, Port Scarnose, Scotland. I enjoyed the companionship of Marie Buchan a harpist. Marie Buchan is the main character who travels from Canada to Scotland. Her main goal is to put the pieces back together in her life. With difficulty she has been striving to regather her wits after the loss of her husband. They were married for six years. While in Scotland Marie meets Gwendolyn, a sick little girl, Gwendolyn's aunt, Curate Iain and the  long ago friend, the Duke of Buchan castle and other villagers. Each person comes to meet Marie with more than a handshake. Each person has a personal problem. Marie strums the souls of these people as well she might her harp with love and care. The people pour out their problems over a cup of tea or while walking through the rooms of the castle.

I enjoyed the Scottish novel. I found myself stumbling over the Scottish brogue at times. I also discovered people are alike around the world. People need a kind,…

how to Be Perfect by Daniel M. Harrell

In How to be Perfect by Daniel Harrell, I opened myself to read a book about Leviticus. Ever since I glimpsed the book of Leviticus in the Holy Bible I have felt afraid to go near that book in God's Holy Word. To me Leviticus seemed more than difficult to read and drier than hay on a farm floor. In church I would cringe if we had to turn to that book in the Bible. Thank goodness Daniel Harrell owns a good sense of humor. It made his book so easy to read. Secondly, he had nineteen church members along with him who were willing to talk about their anxieties and questions about Leviticus. They were willing to become risk takers in a new Biblical experiment.

He and the brave nineteen people chose to seriously put their hearts and bodies to the effort of putting Leviticus in to practice for a whole month. I thought one lady had a very good idea. She immediately bought a child's version of the Bible. That way Leviticus would become much easier to read. Each person in a unique way d…