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Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers Free Review Copy

Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers is a wonderfully amazing story about a Swiss woman named Marta. Marta's father is a hard man. Her mother is kind while her sister Elise is as soft as a whisper. Therefore, she clings closely to her mother. The book is indeed Marta's Legacy. Marta proves herself to be strong always depending on the help of the Lord while moving forward doing what she can herself. Sometimes her strength is almost like a bulldog when it comes to protecting her future family. Martawithout fear moves around the country ending up in Canada and California.

Soon, she buys a boardinghouse and manages it and the boarders with a kind firmness. Marta is the woman whom most women would like as a role model. She loves God. She is able to offer wise advice to her husband, and she is a mother who always keeps her children as her chief focus. At times, she seems too tough. There were many times I felt sorry for Hildemara, her daughter. I had to remember Marta was stri…