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Bailee, Geena and Piper grew up in Washington State along with their parents. Their names are sweet and feminine. The family is not too large. Washington State or Seattle is a beautiful place in which to live. Plus, the family's physical needs are handled by a hard working father. However, this family is far from perfect. Mrs. Cooper is mentally ill. She suffers with schizophrena. This is a very serious illness because most of the time, without medications, a person lives outside of reality. For whatever reason or reasons Mrs. Cooper never believed medication could change her life for the better. She spent many hours, days, months and years thinking a serial killer wanted to kill her children. At times she thought of herself as an aide to the FBI. It is hard to grasp what conditions these sisters lived with everyday in their early lives. Even their father, usually at work, could not imagine all that was going on right beneath his nose.

"Yes, I didn't know how…

Perfect Love by Ruth Myers

WHERE CAN YOU FIND THE KIND OF LOVE YOU TRULY NEED? “If we want real love, ideal love, limitless love, God’s heart is where to find it. It’s the only love big enough to meet the God-sized needs of your
life.” --Ruth Myers

Most people–even those with a deep faith–fail to really grasp the incredibly deep and passionate love God has for them. Yet, while God’s love for us is beyond description, it doesn’t have to be beyond our experience.

In The Perfect Love, Ruth Myers helps uncover the surprising, quiet clues and expressions in Scripture of just how much God loves you. With the expressions of prayer and praise at the end of each chapter, you’ll learn to experience God’s love more deeply and return it more fully in worship. And you’ll welcome a new sense of
security, honor, and significance that comes from experiencing how God’s love — The Perfect Love–truly meets your deepest needs. randomhouse.perfect-love-by-ruth-myers

A Mighty Love by Vanessa Miller KINDLE

I don't know whether Shay's attitude is typical of a long time Christian or atypical of Christians. When Shay's friend, Malcolm, decides to give his heart to the Lord, Shay does not jump up and down with joy because a new Christian has decided to surrender his heart and soul to the Lord.

"What just happened? Did Malcolm really have a Bible in his hands? But the man has never wanted anything to do with God."

Shay is very ambitious. She wants to get a promotion on her job. She sees Malcom as a competitor. He is just another man who will prove untrustworthy. When she becomes sick, she is not able to attend a meeting at work to promote her product and a company. Malcolm, a gentleman, offers to present it for her. Shay believes he will just steal all of her well deserved credit in order to make himself look good. This is short but true portrait of Shay's character and her goal in life.

"Work on my relationship with God and my career...and leave men out of t…

The Sound of Red Returning by SUE DUFFY 1

Russia, Israel and the United States are countries involved in an intricate, fast paced espionage dance. With President Noland in the White House, the CIA, the FBI and other spies there is a dance of death going on to find a missing document which will show the name of a mole. I came to know very well a famous Classical pianist named Liesl Bower. Liesl Bower lives in Georgetown. She grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. Music is a huge part of this novel. One night Liesl witnesses the horrific murder of a College Professor. Little does she know that his secrets will lead straight to her door in the coming future. It is so ironic how life can lead an innocent person into danger. While paying a routine visit to a college office, Liesl picks up a certain music sheet by mistake. This music sheet is partly written in code. It is written only for certain eyes to see. Fast forward and SUE DUFFY took me for a hair raising ride with double agents, guns, racing cars, hide outs and murder. Sud…

The Sound of Red Returning by SUE DUFFY

"Liesl was glad for the lilting Claire de Lune to follow. It was Debussy who would soothe her back to peace. Having stood to receive the adulation of her audience, she settled before the keyboard once more and began her grandmother's favorite piece....."youtube

The Sound of Red Returning by SUE DUFFY KREGEL