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This is one mystery where the solution is as good or better than the beginning and middle of the novel. I have read mysteries where it seems as though the author becomes fatigued with struggling to write one more page of his or her book. This causes the ending to seem simple, contrived and a waste of all the reader's time.
DEEP FRIED TROUBLE by TYORA MOODY  is spectacular through the beginning, the middle and the end.

I really liked the main character Eugeena Patterson. I would like her even better if she would marry Amos, her next door ex-detective, policeman friend. Why not? He spends more time at Eugeenia's home than he spends at his house. Plus, he's met Eugeena' s family: Leesa and the two grandchildren and the two sons. The mystery begins with the murder of Eugeena's friend and neighbor, Mary. Now this is the interesting part. Eugeena and Mary haven't been on speaking terms for years. I thought hard about how it would make me feel to find my friend of man…


When I bought this Kindle book, only the first seven chapters were available. Now the whole book is available and can be ordered. This is a Christian fiction novel about two families. Mariam is married to Chauncey. She is the wife with children. Emily is the wife of Jamal. Emily and Jamal are an interracial couple.Mariam and Emily are friends along with a lady named Michellelee. The three ladies are very close sharing the good times, perplexing times and hard times of life with each other over lunch, at their homes or wherever.

There are a few heavy issues in the novel: how do in-laws, sometimes,  react to their daughter marrying a black man? Another issue is the importance of friendship for support in good and bad times. Next, the issue is the importance of prayer in any person's life. There is the need for faith. Faith is the basic foundation which causes these women to recover from trials. I became deeply involved in the next issue of the book. This issue is the life of men an…