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Code Triage by Candace Calvert

Image Candace Calvert's Code Triage novel is one of the best Christian fiction books I have read in a long time. It is impossible to list what is not in this book because I felt it was chock full of almost every important issue our society faces today. The most important issue for me in the book is the fact that Main street, America are definitely inhabited by people who are not having their desires met in the way they wish. Sadly, these people become impatient and angry.It is not long before this anger becomes rage. Leigh Stathos, a doctor, in one day faces an out of control man who is a father and husband. Kurt Denton wants his family back with him. He does not care how it happens. The unexpected, horrible situation is one I've seen too often on the news lately. I felt very happy to read about it in the genre called Christian fiction. After such terrible circumstances it is possible to regroup and repeat again "Give thanks to the God of heaven. …