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Chasing Ararat by Gita Nazareth

"Chasing Ararat" is about death and heaven. There is the sweetness of the death. From the way Gita Nazareth describes "Shemaya" all of my boring, heavy, monotonous chores will end. In the novel, Shemaya is likened to a "vacation." While visiting Brek Cuttler in heaven, I became loaded down with too many imaginary ideas. These ideas stated by the author confused and perplexed me. I didn't understand the train station idea. I didn't understand the idea of trials without judgment. I especially disliked and thought it ludicrous that a man who had been decapitated during his life would talk with someone in heaven and his head would come off for the second time and the area would spout blood. Really, I thought this was somewhat silly. I had a lot of problems with this book. I feel it let me down. I do not blame Gita Nazareth. I blame myself. My mind is too shallow to catch her images and their meaning. I am too earthy to understand Shemaya. However, I …

From God to You 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb

This book, 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb is astounding. I've always wanted to read a helpful Bible aide about every book in the Bible especially those books like Revelations and Leviticus. Thankfully God heard my desire. I received a copy of the 66 Love Letters which is described as "A Conversation With God That Invites You Into His Story." Thankfully God heard me.  I doubt if I will ever read another book as user friendly as this one.

The book is put together with Dr. Crabb sharing his personal conversations with God. Many times throughout the book, I thought Dr. Crabb knew my inner thoughts. I had grappled with the same questions as he grappled with through those nights. I also love the way he, Dr. Crabb, makes each book in the Bible extremely interesting and simplistic. Truly, this is a book I intend to pull off the shelf over and over again.
Reading Dr. Crabb's dedication in 66 Love Letters I realized my needs were similar to the needs or desires of his d…
hearing from GOD each morning by Joyce Meyers

Unfortunately, I have never met Joyce Meyers in person. When she came to our home town one year my husband and son had the chance to go and hear her speak for three nights. I was at work. My husband excitedly told me over and over about her passion for God. He said she also had the ability to make the audience feel God's presence in the crowded room.

I never doubted what my husband told me. I watched her speak on tv. She seemed to speak to me as a friend. I was sure she knew me through and through as she told about her flaws and the many strengths of her husband. Now for the first time I've enjoyed sitting quietly with one of her books, "hearing GOD each morning."

Yes, Joyce Meyer's  has written many books. This particular book struck me because of the title. I have always wanted to get up each morning knowing that without a doubt God was beside me. This devotional is wonderful because Joyce Meyer writes so simply abo…

Jesus Lives by Sarah Young

Sarah Young has written another inspiring and special devotional book. "Jesus Lives" has given my devotions purpose and improved sour moods. While reading a devotion like "Heaven" or "Resting in Him," I think of Sarah Young's bout with illness. What a strong, mighty warrior she is to write and continue to glorify God while going through the worst of times. I do hope and pray her health will improve because her life means so much to so many other believers.

While reading a devotional, I am continually drawn to the front of the book or the photo on the particular page I'm reading. The picture of that cross reminds me Jesus is alive and the same today and everyday. He never changes remaining faithful sufficient for all of our needs at all times. Perhaps, it is my imagination. When I look at the cross, I also see an anchor. This valuable book, "Jesus Lives" by Sarah Young proves beyond doubt that Jesus lives and each day he is our anchor ho…

Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman with Ken Abraham

This is a powerful, important, interesting and fun to read book. I feel it has every step a person needs who would like to be an entrepreneur. Page after page George Foreman in layman's terms is leading a person through the right and wrong ways of becoming a successful businessman in his community. One important thing is to see a need and fill it. I loved the way he described seeing the first George Foreman Lean, Mean Grilling Machine. It wasn't handsome and pretty like the ones we see in department stores today or like the ones demonstrated on television. Well, it just wasn't attractive. Proving that sometime you have to go for and recognize the future look of a product. You have to take a risk. You need vision.

I have to admit to not being  or really desiring to be an entrepreneur. However, George Foreman almost had me sold on a new career in my later life. This is a book that is a knockout punch. It's great! Read it and learn without feeling like you are being taug…

The Triumph of Deborah by Eva Etzioni-Halevy

"The Triumph of Deborah" by Eva Etzioni-Halevy is a Biblical novel about Deborah, the Judge and Prophetess of Israel. With great precision and creativity Eva Etizioni-Halevy draws a historical picture of the history of conflict between Israel and Canaan. It is a time of turmoil. Those in power one day are not in control the next day. Those in slavery became free according to who conquered and who became conquerors. It is a time when women  had a huge role to play in  history. For instance, Deborah, the Israelite, who prophecies and commands the strategies of the Israelites war against the Canaanites. There is Jael, another woman, who will murder a Caananite leader, King Sisra,  for the sake of her people.

There is also a slave girl named Nogah. Nogah crossed the boundaries of both the Israelite world and the Caananite world because she was born biracial. Through her eyes Eva Etzioni-Halevy gives a view of Nogah's life. Her father is  King Jabin, a Caananite. Her sister, …

A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller

"A Man of His Word"  by Kathleen Fuller is "wunderbaar, wunderbaar." Wunderbaar translates from Dutch to English. It means wonderful. Because of this book  I most definitely will look for all of Kathleen Fuller's books. With all of their struggles I enjoyed spending days with the families who live in Middlefield, Ohio. By the way, Middlefield, Ohio is a real Amish community. The author gives a detailed view of the setting, the community, in "A note from the author."

Throughout the book Kathleen Fuller strives not to leave out any details about this fictional family in Middlefield, Ohio. To make reading easy the author also includes a Dutch glossary at the beginning of the book. This is very helpful. However, Kathleen Fuller writes so clearly and simply I rarely needed to use the glossary. Still, I felt secure with it there in the front of my book.

I think of this as two love stories going on in the same neighborhood. Only Taylor Johnston and her famil…

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado

Fearless by Max Lucado

"Fearless" by Max Lucado is a wonderfully inspiring book for any person who actively lives with fear everyday. I don't mind admitting it. I deal with anxiety everyday. Throughout the night I worry about my children and grandchildren. While I worry, my husband sleeps peacefully. Of course Christian radio is always on in his car too.

However, Max Lucado's book, "Fearless" is proof that our lives go through seasons. It is not impossible for Jesus to change a person of fear. He can make any person full of courage. The process begins with the opening of this magnificent book.

I have read "Fearless" daily. Each time I read Max Lucado's book I walk away feeling strong enough to kill any Goliath in my path. I also have learned many of my Goliaths are shaped only by my colorful imagination. Half of what I worry about never happens. I could have avoided the headaches, swaying tummy and shaking hands just with a prayer on my lips …

Everyday Greatness with Steven R. Covey and David K. Hatch

"Everyday Greatness" is packed with wonderful stories and quotes about ways to lead a full life by giving of ourselves to others with honesty, courage, humility and empathy and other Fruits of the Spirit. Each story is easy to read. There is no need for a dictionary or other Bible helps. I flowed with each story. Anxiously waiting to examine my inner life to see what I never had tried to change, what I had failed to change or what flaws I had denied ever having at all. A notebook comes in handy to write down quotes from Julie Andrews, Christopher Reeves or Colin Powell and other people.

"Everyday Greatness" is inexhaustible. There are a number of ways to read it. I began at the beginning of the book. Then, I thought about skipping over to personal qualities needed for that very week or month. Whatever way you choose to read it you will feel blessed with purpose. For example, there are three everyday choices: the choice to act, the choice of purpose and the choice of…

NOTES from the TILT-A-Whirl by N.D. Wilson

Notes from the TILT-A-WHIRL by N.D. WILSON

What a ride! My head is spinning. I've been on a TILT-A-WHIRL at a carnival. It took me far and wide. I didn't know where I would stop. All of this happened in N.D. Wilson's book, “NOTES from the TILT-A-Whirl.” He inspired me to wake up and enjoy the wonders of the Creator's world. He writes about life, death, seasons, ants, rabbits and humanity. He includes Aristotle, Plato, Nietzsche and Socrates.

The author writes in simple layman's terms. Although, there were times my head spun like an out-of-control ferris wheel. Then, I remembered. When I'm riding a TILT-A-WHIRL at the carnival, faces are blurred. Everything is mixed up. N.D. Wilson stirred up questions in my mind. He made me want to jump out of bed every morning with excitement. The book is about God's marvelous world. Along the way the author was my whistling carnie guide, poet, philosopher, professor, biologist, and astronomer. N.D. Wilson likened m…

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

"Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young is filled with spiritually practical, simple steps for the mature Christian or babe in Christ. Each devotional ends with a scripture or scriptures. This addition of scriptures to the author's thoughts always helps me in a better meditation. The scriptures are like a memory tool for me.

The devotions for each day and month are reality based. For example, we shouldn't expect a perfect day everyday just because we have chosen to live the way that the Lord has chosen for mankind. Some days are horrible. Sarah Young calls these days "the sludge of the fallen world." Sarah Young in "Jesus Calling" gently guides us in ways to share an intimacy with God. I look forward to growing and changing through the use of this devotional. It is a God sent gift.

Also, the book is small and very attractive. That means it can go with me anywhere. It is just one more added benefit.