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Kregel books/Litfuse
Just beginning to appreciate this one. I've not read much Fantasy. I am caught up in the story because of Nomish and Hadlay. They are two young people with other young people from another clan who are forced to live with the Emperor. Although he is powerful, he lacks the values of the Ramash. The Emperor, his son and the people in the palace are Oreseds.

The book makes me think about the importance of family and the place called home. So many oppressed people are taken faraway from their home and loved ones to learn a new way of life. I'm sure the feeling is most miserable.

"A sudden, aching homesickness overwhelmed her."

Before the story ended Hadlay and those friends and enemies who choose to do it learn about The Being. He is the one able to make all their narrow paths wide and there crooked paths straight because He only knows how to give true love. His wonderful willingness to save those in trouble makes The Being look beautiful. He s…



A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman

MOODY PUB. KINDLE It is Christmas time. In most home this time of the year is the most joyous time of the year. However, Marlee and Jacob, a couple with older children, aren't happy. As a matter of fact, they are traveling through the snow to reach a divorce lawyer. Both have decided that there marriage is on the rocks. They have gone to retreats, marriage councilors, ministers. Nothing has worked. Little do they realize that a car wreck in the snow will lead to the beginning of new changes in their life. I liked the magical element in the novel. Marlee's stirring snow in a pan over a fire until it melts  in this enchanted cozy home allows her to see her past roll before her like a movie. "So, my husband has shown you the power of snow." The novella, A Marriage Carol by CHRIS FABRY & GARY CHAPMAN filled me with hope for all broken relationships. "There is no barren place on earth that love cannot grow a garden. Not even your heart." I also realized that…