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It's Monday! What Are You Reading (Book Journey)

Today I'm starting CHILDREN of ANGELS  by KATHRYN DAHLSTROM. It's published by WINEPRESS PUBLISHING. bookjourney

Amish Knitting Circle Part I

Fannie, Ruth, Lizzie all have very different issues to struggle with every day. Karen Anna Vogel writes openly about the struggles women face in the Amish community. Their community is like our small worlds. As a matter of fact the concerns are so stressful the women have a hard time getting together with Ella for a night of knitting. What a shame because knitting would definitely give them a bit of relaxation and perhaps, a chance to share their problems over a dish of Cinnamon flop. Yes, there is Amish cooking in the story. My mouth watered as I read about the Cinnamon flop. I am thankful. At the end of the book there is a recipe. It looks like a simple recipe too.

To give an example about one woman's life I will share Fannie. She thinks her body looks as big as a cow. Seriously, she is not joking. She thinks her face is too big and her body with it. Really, according to Ella she is quite pretty. I am anxious to read Volume II. To learn who will fall in love with whom. After al…