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Haiku 1

Jesus forgive me.
I always disappoint You.
I need You every day.

Toni Bambara's short story Ice


Children and pets go together like ice cream and a cone. Lady and her five pups needed the children desperately while the children discovered an important life lesson from the pups. The children discovered that there is something called death which takes you away forever. Lady knew she needed more than herself during hard times. I suppose the lesson is all of us need one another in some way.Vintage (Amazon)

Haiku K

Now, I am your fool.
In the darkness, I cry tears.
In bed I wipe away you.

The Hawk And The Dove Trilogy by Penelope Wilcock

The Hawk and the Dove series is a trilogy which follows the life of Father Peregrine, the Abbot of St. Alcuin's Benedictine abbey. Along with learning about Father Peregrine's life, there is much to learn about  the brothers. After reading the first book The Hawk and the Dove" and the next two books, I wanted to immediately read another book in the series.

In each book, Penelope Wilcock describes these lovable characters not as saintly but as flawed men who love God and who have given their lives to please Him. The stories become deeply personal as we learn about men who struggle with befriending fellow brothers,  and also fight with the aging process and death. Not surprisingly, some brothers feel called away from the inner world of the abbey and back into society to love and be loved by someone other than their Christ. Then they become involved with a battle whether to  hold on to the world or to hold on to a life in the sanctuary of Christ. Also, Because …

Book Beginnings / Friday 56

December 23, 1837
Casphairn Manor, the Vale of Casphairn, Scotland

Daniel Crosbie felt as if all his Christmases had come at once. Letting his gaze travel the Great Hall of Casphairn Manor, filled to overflowing with six Cynster families and various associated household members, he allowed himself a moment to savor both his unexpected good fortune and his consequent hope.

Regardless of all intentions, it was a full hour later before they were finally mounted and ready to ride. Lucilla had been partly to blame for the delay, but when she'd suggested that perhaps taking food to fill their stomachs at midday might be wise, all nine males had immediately agreed.Mira
By Winter's Light by Stephanie Laurens

The Heart Of The Amish by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is a very special and practical book about forgiveness. I am so glad to have chosen The Heart Of The Amish by Suzanne Woods Fisher as a tool to learn about forgiveness. Each anecdote makes the heart beat faster. Some of the personal experience stories of other people from different sects of the Amish church made me cry. Each story made me want to dig deeper into my life. I am now more aware of the importance of forgiving those I have hurt or those who have hurt me. Life is never worth holding a grudge. Suzanne Woods Fisher writes about the part of the brain which is stimulated by a vengeful spirit. It is good to know about that there are churches where forgiveness is so important to the congregation. 
When I read some of the stories, I had to sit back and wonder at the courage of the people to step forward and forgive. Teenagers and older adults can feel afraid or beaten down by the one commandment involving a promise, Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live lon…

Teaser Tuesday

In his book,  Think No Evil, Jonas says that the Amish are far ahead of the rest of us when it comes to the concept of forgiving. '"They forgive because they believe God's way is the best way to live. They know that when God commands us to do something like forgive someone 'seventy times seven,' it is not a capricious rule for us to follow, but part of a properly ordered life that is intended for our good.

A Groom with a View by Jill Churchill 2015 Alphabet Soup

Jane is planning a wedding for the daughter of a very rich man. Her friend, Shelley, comes along to help Jane. While Jane and Shelley help the flower arranger, Larkspur, and the cook and the seamstress, Mrs. Cowthwaite, something goes terribly wrong. All of a sudden it's like Jane and Shelley are staying at a haunted house. There is one murder. Then, there are two murders. I didn't come close to finding the answer to this cozy puzzle. However, I wasn't crazy about the mystery plot. I had far more fun helping the ladies plan the wedding. Anyway, A Groom with a View is another good cozy written by Jill Churchill. I don't know whether the treasure part of the story was needed. Still, I'm ready for another cozy. This time without a slow seamstress and without a lying

Haiku L

Tell me ; You love me.
I will give you my love too.
I breathe for you, sons.

Reasons to Live

Daily we reach for another day.
And know we will find miracles around us.

Wherever there is a baby's cry, a grandmother weeding zinnias,
Next to a tree struck by lightening, there is reason to live again.

A Trip around the Sun by Mark Batterson Richard Foth with Susanna Foth Aughtmon

When I received this book, A Trip around the Sun by Mark Batterson Richard Foth, from BakerBooks, I had no idea how much meaningful material would become my gain. These men along with Susanna Foth Aughtmon have a unique way of sharing Bible concepts and ways to live an abundant life. At any given chapter, I wanted to take notes or stop and just meditate for the moment on a specific idea.At the same time, I didn't want to interrupt my reading about ways to live life like an everyday adventure.

Each chapter is written from the viewpoint of Mark Batterson or Richard (Dick) Foth. At the end of each chapter is the main point of the chapter. This point is blocked off so you can not miss it. It also helps as a memory device. I especially enjoyed reading about how much they love their children and grandchildren. How exciting to go on a special journey with each grandchild and share family journals.

Along the way, a book is mentioned. The books is A Touch of Wonder by Arthur Gordon. I rea…

Teaser Tuesday

"We can learn from any genre, from theology to allegory to poetry to fiction. When I read biography, I love good heroes....Books allow us to know each other's stories when we aren't sitting around the same campfire."

My Best Friend

Five months I hunted for two special kittens.
Reaching for Mother Goose, I read about the kittens who lost their mittens.
I cried. Then  downtown, I spotted a calico kitten across the street.
Easing my way through the crowd, I kept my eyes on his black and white feet.
Nothing could stop my chase. My new friend sat down with me on a bench.
Dearest is what I named him, and every day he purrs his love for me in French.

A Trip around the Sun by Mark Batterson Richard Foth with Susanna Foth Aughtmon

"Dick taught me to read people the way I read books. I discovered, as Dick likes to say, that people are books with skin on them. Their lives are stories to be read and learned from....He has modeled how relationships enrich your life. I have read his biography, not on paper but in person...There is nothing like seeing someone use the God-given gifts that you saw in them before they saw them in themselves."

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finished reading A Trip around the Sun by Mark Batterson and Richard Foth with Susanna Foth Aughtmon. Now I'm reading The Heart of The Amish by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

A Trip around the Sun by Mark Batterson Richard Foth

"Jim Elliott, a missionary to the Huaorani tribe, said it this way: You don't lose your life when you choose to follow Jesus--it is the starting point to the life you were meant to live."

Friday 56

Brother Michael walked into the milking shed. The seven milk cows that served the needs of the community had been brought in and tethered in their stalls for the morning milking. They were munching contentedly on the pail of oats and dried beet Tom had emptied into the feed trough that ran the length of the wall beneath the iron tethering rings.

Book Beginnings


The tiniest scream rose inside Nori. She tucked the desperate feeling away as she watched a cozy-looking duo through the coffee shop window. The pair held hands and kissed, making a tight little circle of love.

Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson

In life, it's very important to have relationships with other people. As a matter of fact, it's just about impossible to not have a relationship. We're born in to families. Families grow larger. Then, there are friends made along the way. However, it's also next to impossible not to find ourselves impacted by a bad relationship. In Everyday grace by Jessica Thompson, there is a path to learning how to stay out of the fiery furnace of bad relationships. Why should these bitter times come our way? How can we avoid or mend the bad times? When times are good in a relationship, why?

I experienced a great deal of happy joy while reading this nonfiction book. I had no idea that "grace" could play such an important part in my life with other people who are important to me or who are just acquaintances. Perhaps, the dedication at the front of the book is a clue for those who have not read "Everyday Grace" yet. This dedication is dedicated to Cody.  "Yo…

Mailbox Monday


It's Monday! What AreYou Reading?

I finished The Wounds of God by Penelope Wilcock. I am reading Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson and The Long Fall by Penelope Wilcock. Also reading, The Heart of The Amish by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

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Wondrous Words

Image 1.homily a usually short talk on a religious or moral topic
: advice that is often not wanted
Brother Tom had not listened to the homily with the closest attention, being familiar through long experience with this particular bee in his abbot's bonnet.

2.versicle  A short sentence spoken or chanted by a priest and followed by a response from the

 ...and Brother Michael, just slipping into his place now at the last minute, as the cantor rose to sing the versicle.

Teaser Tuesday

"What must it be like to live where there are no sheep; not to hear the sound of the ewes calling their lambs, and the lonely cry of the curlew overhead, and the sweet, rising song of the lark?

Mother's Day

My mother loved me from the beginning.
On Sunday mornings, we walked  to church.
Then, Tuesdays we blessed my  lunch.
Held hands on Thursday after a nightmare.
Evenings on Saturdays she read me Mother Goose.
Remembering my mother I love her once again.

Haiku D

seagulls against the white sand
eyes black as night's summer stars
blink at pearl seashells

Haiku C

Butterfly kissed cheek.
Lands on baby's eye and nose.
Flies up to the sky.

The Wounds of God by Penelope Wilcock

I didn't expect to read about judgment in an abbey between brothers. However, it does happen. Just like in life on the outside of a monastery. Just imagine, Brother Francis is disliked because he seems "too happy." Poor guy.

"'There's something insubstantial about him. All this light-heartedness is pleasant enough, but he seems insincere to me....He's too happy. You mark my words, this eternal smile of his covers an emptine'"s within. He needs sobering up, that lad.'"