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The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews

U166 Crew List The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews is an inspiring, miraculous, fascinating book. This true story is told to Andy Andrews by the couple who lived these experiences during the Forties, WWII,  in Alabama near the Gulf Coast. The book begins when Andy Andrews finds a few pieces of WWII memorabilia buried under a tree in a can in his yard. Like any author with a questioning mind Andy Andrews begins a journey to find the story behind the buttons, ring and photograph. His curiosity will lead him to a true story magnificent in its proportions.

When I began the book, I had no idea what a U-boat looked like, and neither did I realize how close the German U-boats came to our shores. The Heart Mender is a story of war at its ugliest and hatred for fellow human beings. It is also a love story, a lesson about forgiveness and the meaningful relationships of people in a small town. Usually, we hear about England in WWII and Germany. Not often do we hear about what was happening on our Am…

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go by lucille O'Neal

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go by Lucille O'Neal is an extraordinary book. From the beginning until the end her life story is hypnotizing. Not because she is so different from other women. It's because she is an ordinary woman who kept God close beside her. In the worst of times and the best of times Lucille O'Neal was like Job. She believed her Redeemer lived.

In the Foreward of the book Shaquille O'Neal, the NBA basketball player, calls his mother an  angel. Since I did not know anything about Lucille O'Neal before opening the book, my eyes would always glance down to the light green round circle on the front of the book, Walk Like You Have Somewhere to go. The words in the circle are "From Mental Welfare to Mental Health." I had never heard the term Mental Welfare. The two words had my attention until she explained their meaning in the book.

For a long time Lucille O'Neal did not have Mental welfare. She had a very low opinion of herself. Being…