Murder, Mayhem and a fine man by Claudia Mair Burney(CHRISTIAN FICTION)

Murder, Mayhem & a fine man by Claudia Mair Burney is a novel about the powerful issue of cult involvement. At the very end of the book Claudia Mair Burney gives her heroine a voice one last time in the novel. Bell give five important points to know whether the man you are falling for is an off the wall character who might bring danger and trouble your way. These five points might possibly lead some woman away from a man who has his head on wrong. If readers read this book, I hope that they will not bypass this important page.

In the novel Amanda Bell Brown is a psychologist. She brings her life experiences to one important case. After two men are murdered, Bell is called to talk to Susan Hines. Involved with a cult leader Susan Hines has become totally unresponsive to anyone. As Bell works with this young woman her past comes back to haunt her. She sees Susan Hines as whom she might have become if God had not saved her.

Bell meets Jazz while he is working the same case. Jazz, indeed, is a fine man. I felt that way because Claudia Mair Burney describes him so creatively. I could not help myself. I fell in love with Jazz. He and Bell together are exciting characters. The lines spoken between these two people are passionate, humorous and dramatic.

It has been a long time since I thought of cults. Unfortunately, cults still exist wrecking damage in the lives of vulnerable people especially women and children. Usually, the man desires to be a God figure. "We don't have things. Father insists that we give him all. We must totally transcend the things of this world so that we can receive his enlightenment."

It frightens me to think that men are still around waiting to make victims of young women. I feel that this book has put me on high alert for my grand baby girl. One day she just might meet the wrong guy. A man who would have the audacity to use her for his power trip. I hope words from Claudia Mair Burney's book will come to my mind. I loved the way Dr. Amanda Bell Brown began to heal herself. "You are blessed, daughter, and you will heal from this, too, as your grandmother's grandmothers healed of many violations so many seasons ago--on slave ships and in cotton fields, in plantation big houses." Again, I am left with the wisdom of my ancestors. Do not forget. Remember our experiences and become strong, stronger, strongest.


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