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Brida by Paulo Coelho

Although not familiar with a Wicca or a Magus, I became comfortably accepting of their presence in Brida's journey. Brida is a witch. She comes to the Wicca and the Magus to widen her circle of wisdom and knowledge. Her growth path became exciting and stimulated my imagination. Paulo Coelho easily strengthens those without understanding not to fear but to take up a blue cloak of bravery and to dance in your aura.
I especially enjoyed his call to nature. I know with more surety that the sky, flowers, meadows are God's free gift to me. All I have to do is drink it in. Shame can not keep us from experiencing it. Mistakes can not keep us from experiencing it because shame, mistakes are all a part of the goblet we must drink from without hesitation to enjoy the dance of life.Nothing is bad in life. All is good that comes to us.
I loved the part where Brida dances naked. She's totally free and unashamed welcoming love into her life. In Brida. L…

The TULIP EATERS BY Antioinette van Heugten

Majestic and Marvelous is this Historical novel, The TULIP EATERS by Antoinette van Heugten.  The setting of the novel is Texas and Amsterdam, Holland. Also, I could include Germany. There is a scripture quote I once read, "seeing through a glass darkly." This is the way I would describe life as Nora de Jong sees it. At one point in the novel, with anger and frustration she screams, 'my whole life has been nothing but lies.' Those words rang in my ears because I felt so close to her as a character. In my heart I cried for her. The only way I can describe Nora's life is to write that she is an example of a living, walking jigsaw puzzle with plenty of trauma and tragedy along her trail.

I have heard it said that it's important to tell what is learned from a novel. In this one I discovered the importance of our ancestral roots for ourselves and our children and future generations. It is so sad to have to scramble searching for truths like Nora did in her life. …

The Christmas Quilt by Vannetta Clark

The families and friends are so special in The Christmas Quilt by Vannetta Clark. The majority of the trials center around Adam and his wife, Leah. Leah is expecting twins. I had to think what a special gift to arrive in time for Christmas. Leah's pregnancy is not an easy one. Although she would rather have her babies at home, brought into the world by Behlinda, the midwife, who would be helped by Annie this is not what happens. Leah has to make a transition to the Englisch hospital. She does it with not too much trouble.

I liked Leah and Adam.Their world is turned topsy turvy, Yet, they maintain the Fruits of the spirit and their dignity. Neither Leah nor Adam have ever spent time in an Englisch Hospital. Once they arrive in the hospital every day there seems to be something that makes them grateful for the sudden change to the Mercy Hospital in Pennsylvania. For example, there is Doctor Kamal with the big hands who has a wonderful bedside manner. When he touches Leah's stom…

The Light in the Kitchen Window by Margaret Britton Vaughn

The Light in the Kitchen Window by Margaret Britton Vaughn is a poetry book that warmed my heart from the first poem to the last poem. The poems are about memories of the relatives we've loved, about the toys we played with as children, about holidays and famous people too. I was surprised to read two poems about racism. The author has the ability to show human flaws without causing deep anxiety to the spirit. I look forward to reading more of her poetry books or any books she has written.

Mississippi  Snow

The snow came once
In my childhood
In Mississippi.
We threw snowballs,
Made snowmen,
Ate snow ice cream.
For one day,
We forgot segregation,
Time was frozen.
The the snow

Getting a Way with Murder by Ralph McInerny

"Roger Dowling preferred to relate the events to purgatory. The Divine Comedy was among his three favorite books and Downs was indeed right in thinking of the glutinous events that had dragged him deeper and deeper into trouble in Dantesque terms. Gustave Dore illustrations came and went in the priest's mind, but it was Janski, not Downs, he could imagine up to his neck in ice in the lowest regions of the inferno."
The Divine Comedy /

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What's In A Name 6?

I think picking, doing and finishing your yearly challenge is becoming a tradition. I really enjoyed finishing it last year, 2012. I am so happy this one is finished for 2013. Looking forward to signing up for the 2014 Book challenge. It's been fun. Thanks for giving your time and putting up with my silly mistakes.

The Dragon Who Couldn't Breathe Fire by Yonit Werber

This is a wonderful, exciting book for children. As an adult I enjoyed reading it myself. I still can use the pick up, feel good moral in my life. This little dragon had a lot of brothers. His brothers could breathe fire without even trying. It amazed their small brother. He tried and tried but no fire came from him. After trying different methods, he gives up trying. Thank goodness for wise owls. One owl told him to go talk to his mother. She would tell him how to handle his problem. Little dragon goes to his mother. She's very encouraging. She says,"when it's time,  the magic will come." I think those words are beautiful and honest. Nothing happens before it's time. Along with the story, there are great illustrations. This book is a must for any child you love.