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After closing the last page of A CERTAIN SUMMER by PATRICIA BEARD, I had a strong desire to learn more about World War II. When I ask myself why this desire to gain more knowledge about a war is so deep, I think it's because of the wonderful way Patricia Beard writes a book. From the timeI began to  read the novel there was this feeling that my body had slipped away to Wauregan, the community on Long Island, and become a neighbor and friend who knew everything happening to Helen, a woman whose husband is counted as missing during WWII overseas across the street from a bakery in a house, etc. I also felt close to her son, Jack, the men in her life Frank and Peter and also, her housekeeper and friend, Kathleen. Really, I think it's impossible not to become one in spirit with these people while reading the book. Also, I loved Max, the war dog, who is now licking his war wounds like the soldiers coming back home from the battle fields. None of these men are the same as when they …


"When they boarded and toured the ship, Peter, who had come to see them off, explained to Jack that the Ile was the first ship decorated in the Art Deco style. "It was inspired by 1925 Paris Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes....It was simple, and it also paid a kind of reverence to the machine age, so the furniture and some of the art had a streamlined quality. It was simple, and it also paid a kind of reverence to the machine age, so the furniture and some of the art had a streamlined quality."

Blind Curves by LINDA CRILL

lindacrill After Linda Crill's husband dies, she knows it is necessary to change her life. She decides to learn how to drive a motorcycle. She has never ridden one. She joins a group with one other lady and two guys. They leave from Vancouver, Canada with the intention of riding 2500 miles. This is their final goal before returning to their homes. The book is written in a wonderful style. It is nonfiction. However, it seems like a novel. I hated to stop reading it to go out or to do a chore. It is an inspiring book because Linda Crill is fifty-seven years old. She has been a CEO. She is also picking a challenge which will test her in every way possible. I just could not believe this woman would choose to drive a motorcycle. If so, I felt very worried for her.

I've always wondered why people choose a quest like climbing a mountain, skiing down the steepest slope or walking long distances alone. After reading Blind Curves, I understand why these brave people pick such choices. L…