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I have read other works by Tyora Moody. So when I bought this one it didn't surprise me. Her writing is flawless. I hope she continues to write mysteries. In Charlotte there is a woman named Candace. Candace epitomizes the meaning of when it rains, it pours. Candace's husband and best friend were murdered. Candace can't turn to her mother for comfort or counsel because she also has died. Candace is the mother of a boy and a girl. The girl doesn't help matters because she is going through her own growing pains.

The title of the novel definitely fits this woman's story. WHEN RAIN FALLS what should a person do? How do you go on with life? Tyora Moody gives the answers through the lives of her characters. This is why it's great Christian fiction. The novel takes you down to the depths of man's inhumane side. Then, lifts you up with the words of THE LORD. In my mind I thought about what it takes to survive when you find yourself alive but at the bo…