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Rook & Rooks & Rooks

"At the final word, he put down his pen and, waving his diary in the air for the ink to dry, smiled the smile of a man who has put his hand in his pocket for a farthing and drawn out a golden goose."

Wondrous Words Meme

Image Historical Examples anagogy, an′a-goj-i,n.themysticalinterpretationorhiddensenseofwords.

While looking at a website, I happened to see this word. I had never seen it, or heard it. The presentation of a painting by a famous artist stirred me to find a definition. Here is a type of sentence made up by me.

"Pablo Picasso's work of a mother and child is filled with anagogy.

Heal not only the physical body, but the mind

"Do not resent your passion. Control it, yes, but please don't kill it. Without it, you would be as limp as an overcooked noodle, your life as bland as hospital food. God created you to be zesty and alive!"

Norway To Minnesota

"His morning ritual, conducted in that silence and dim light, made each day seem holy.  And each day when he stepped from their home he did so feeling devout...Odd who had decided early in that season and in the face of Sargent's sermons that he'd take his heaven on earth.  And he'd found it in his and Rebekah's domesticity, in their quiet and honest life together.  He'd never felt so at peace, not even during his best moments in the skiff."

Life Can Turn Many Different Ways

Latin quotes are running through my mind. Words that I can neither pronounce nor translate. Still, I have a good feel for St. Oswald's church of school for boys. In "Different Class" by Joanne Harris, it is impossible to keep one's emotions locked away or hidden. First, I have to congratulate the author for taking on one issue which branched into many other subjects.

It's a coming of age story. It's the one our children might have never shared with us. It's about their schools whether public or private. It's about their friends and their professors or teachers. The novel brings to the forefront the fact that after we let our child walk into a kindergarten class or even a nursery we lose a part of them. A part of their life no longer belongs to us. Perhaps, it's the beginning of learning about secrets. It's about obedience and what is not disobedience. So many issues that cause the heart to beat faster and t…