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A Maze of Grace by Trish Ryan

A Maze of Grace is Trish Ryan's second book. I want to read her first book, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Trish Ryan shares some details that are in her first book in A Maze of Grace. I wondered how in the world she survived that part of her life. However, she did pick herself up, dust herself off and start all over again. I'm sure she could only do it with God's hand in her hand. The second book is very revealing and honest. Trish Ryan is not afraid to write about days when you don't know where you are going, if you will get there or if you have already been to that place already. Trish Ryan comes clean and tells about wandering in a maze almost like the way the Israelites wandered in the desert.

I was especially moved when she told about she and her husband's desire to have a baby. I've read other books about infertility. I have to say A Maze of Grace really put her shoes on my feet. Truly, I do not believe the struggles with infertility can become real, und…
I am thankful for my doctor and his nurseI am thankful for my grandchildrenI am thankful for the beauty of flowersI am thankful for the freedom to worship June 24, 2010

I am thankful for sunny daysI am thankful there is going to be an escrow acct. for the people who have suffered on the GulfI am thankful for the friendly mail workers who work so hard in the heatI am thankful for my cat. She gives her love so freely.

Chasing Ararat by Gita Nazareth

"Chasing Ararat" is about death and heaven. There is the sweetness of the death. From the way Gita Nazareth describes "Shemaya" all of my boring, heavy, monotonous chores will end. In the novel, Shemaya is likened to a "vacation." While visiting Brek Cuttler in heaven, I became loaded down with too many imaginary ideas. These ideas stated by the author confused and perplexed me. I didn't understand the train station idea. I didn't understand the idea of trials without judgment. I especially disliked and thought it ludicrous that a man who had been decapitated during his life would talk with someone in heaven and his head would come off for the second time and the area would spout blood. Really, I thought this was somewhat silly. I had a lot of problems with this book. I feel it let me down. I do not blame Gita Nazareth. I blame myself. My mind is too shallow to catch her images and their meaning. I am too earthy to understand Shemaya. However, I …

Hurricanes In Paradise by Denise Hildreth

How important is friendship? I've always been taught that friends are able to make our lives more balanced and happy. "Hurricanes in Paradise" by Denise Hildreth is about four women, Laine, Winnie, Tamyra and Riley, who meet in the Bahamas during a vacation. Before their trip to the islands these women did not know one another. Their friendships are new and serendipitous. Perhaps, miraculous is the word. After all, the life journey of each one became less heavy after they met one another in Paradise.

Like in all friendships there is anger, misunderstandings, laughter, tears and the revealing of secrets. Behind all of these emotions is a "healing" of body and mind. The first person to mention a "healing" is Roy Rogers, a man who meets each woman at the airport. Who is Roy Rogers? I have my idea. You might have a different idea. I'll say he is an ethereal person.

While there are many emotional hurricanes going on in "Hurricanes in…