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The Bishop's Daughter by TIFFANY L. WARREN A NOVEL

tiffanylwarren Traveling from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia has been so much fun. I liked all of the characters. The ones I did not like are not worth mentioning. However, I will mention Oscar. He wants to marry Emoni, the bishop's daughter. Emoni does not return his feelings. I don't blame her. Oscar turned me off from the very beginning. He proves that being too good gives the impression of being no good.

The Bishop's Daughter by Tiffany L. Warren is the type of Christian fiction I want to read all the time. It's "real." The dialogue, the characters, the circumstances in the book are like people I have known or do know at the present time. The author made me realize the importance of blogs in the world today. Darrin throughout the novel keeps a blog telling his friends what is going on in his life. These breathing spots in the novel gave me time to laugh and release the steam building up due to what was happening in the pastor's life, i…


Phiip Yancey

WHAT GOOD IS GOD BY PHILIP YANCEY is a magnificently inspiring book. Using ten examples of world shattering pain Philip Yancey is able to see light in the midst of darkness. It is true. No matter how dire the circumstances we never walk alone. For example, think of the famous words cross stitched on samplers, framed as photographs and stamped on greeting cards. The poem is called Footsteps in the Sand. The word picture shows one set of footsteps belonging to me. I looked for God to be walking beside me leaving his footsteps in the sand with mine. However, I only see one set of footsteps. I think this means He deserted me. To the contrary, He was carrying me. This is Divinegrace.

At the beginning of the book, Philip Yancey shares a personal experience. He almost lost his life in an accident. Along with this incident and ten other devastating events around the world I ended up asking myself not why did the shootings happen at Virginia Tech or why women are trafficked for sex…

White Peacocks

On one of my many favorite blogs this morning I thought there was a white peacock. This made me think about what I might have dreamed of seeing in my mind. Anyway, who knew ??? I didn't. There are white peacocks. The white peacocks are gorgeous just like the royal blue and emerald green ones.White peacock
 I would like to do a weekly meme. Name something or someone new you learned about in a book you're reading whether fiction or nonfiction. I've never given a meme. I would like to try. I guess the first thing to do is to ask people to sign up for the meme. It would begin next Tuesday.

Lady in Waiting by SUSAN MEISSNER

susan meissner

From cover to cover Lady in Waiting by SUSAN MEISSNER is magnificent. The novel is Christian fiction based on the life of Lady Jane Grey. At the end of the book Susan Meissner separates the truth from the fiction. The novel as a parallel between the lives of two women. One woman, Lady Jane Grey, lived during the 16th  Century. In the modern era there is Jane Lindsay living her life. She is a mother, wife and daughter. When she finds a ring tucked away in the spine of a very old prayer book, her whole life changes. God does give HIS sheep the ability to think creatively while circumstances in our lives seem to be falling apart.

The author wrote the novel with a nimble finger. She excellently stitches this story in the same way that Lucy Day is able to expertly sew gowns for herself and Lady Jane Grey. Jane Lindsay and Lady Jane Grey's stories are like a spiral seashell. The nautilus comes to mind. I feel this way because Susan Meissen cleverly interweaves Lady Jane G…

HOME AGAIN by Wanda B. Campbell & Friends

HOME AGAIN Stories of Restored Relationships by Wanda B. Campbell & Friends is filled with stories about damaged relationships. Throughout the stories there is God's Almighty Hand molding the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends in to His beautiful workmanship. If you are in a place where your relationship seems like no other on God's green earth because of the strain and rocky terrain, meet the people written about byWanda Campbell, Tyora M. Moody, Bernard Boulton, Dijorn Moss, Trinea Moss, Maurice M. Gay, Jr. Shenette Jones, Tavares S. Carney and Linda F. Breed. These authors put their whole hearts on the tips of their pens and wrote about Everlasting Love. His ability to part the seas and make the waters calm is a promise seen in different ways in each story.

In my future storms I will remember the marriage that didn't work, the twin brothers who were far from identical in their thinking and the parents with a daughter who had strayed. It's …