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Hard times can become harder~

"A year after Given died, Mama planted a tree for him. One every anniversary, she said, pain cracking her voice. If I live long enough, going to be a forest here, she said, a whispering forest. Talking about the wind and pollen and beetle rot. She stopped and put the tree in the earth and started beating the soil around the roots. I heard her through her fists."

Book Beginnings

"Hay, verbena and mignonette scented the languid July day. Large strawberries, crimsoning through sprigs of mint, floated in a bowl of pale yellow cup on the verandah table: an old Georgian bowl, with complex reflections on polygonal flanks, engraved with the Raycie arms between lion's heads."

Edith Wharton paints a beautiful picture here. I'm thinking the Raycie family are very rich.

Zora Neale Hurston's father wanted a boy not a girl

"I always wanted to go. I would wander off in the woods all alone, following some inside urge to go places. This alarmed my mother a great deal. She used to say that she believed a woman who was an enemy of hers had sprinkled "travel dust" around the doorstep the day I was born...Some children are just bound to take after their fathers in spite of women's prayers."Kindle

Blue Asylum by Kathy Hepinstall

"Don't ever let a lunatic touch you. You don't know what kind of diseases they are carrying. And there are certain mental illnesses that can be contagious."

I hope people no longer see mentally ill patients as carriers of diseases. If this is our thought, no one will care whether these patients are cared for in hospitals or homes. I wonder how our thoughts have changed about the Mentally Ill down through the years and centuries. I wonder have we added new stereotypes.