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When I think of prayer, the song Sweet Hour of Prayer comes to mind. I have always thought of prayer as an Art. To succeed I must take time to learn the proper attitude, etc.  I would like to hear the words more often The Art of Praying. As DANIEL HENDERSON writes in TRANSFORMING PRAYER, prayer isn't just a "list" of bless hers, bless hims, help that family, make me stronger, please help me pay that bill and so on. Prayer allows us the chance to have an intimate relationship with God. I learned in the book God really does love talking to us through His Word. He also loves hearing us talk to Him. Sweet prayer is the extraordinary experience of friendship between Our Lord and ourselves.

I think the book is magnificently written. It is full of scripture verses. These always help me. Seeing the verses makes me note a passage and get my Bible. I'm not very quick at pulling out a Bible. In one passage I think Daniel Henderson described me well. He writes about…


AMISH PRAYERS compiled byBEVERLY LEWIS is a beautiful, small prayer book for every moment of a life. I am certain to read and reread prayers over and over again in this book. At the bottom of the page of each prayer there is a scripture verse that fits the particular prayer. The prayers are wide ranging in theme.There are prayers for: unity, gratitude, guidance, praise, strength and for the evening  as well as other themes I have not named here.

What I liked most about the prayer book is the illustrations on the pages. These pictures are delicately sketched in a light reddish brown, a tint, of some sort. The illustrations alone made me want to stay longer in a quiet place to meditate. My favorite picture is the one of the Amish doll. She is used to illustrate comfort.

This book is a treasure chest of love and worship. The prayers are translated from the original German. It has been used by Amish and Mennonites for over 300 years. In the Foreword Beverly Lewis wrote "I am profound…


FLIGHT to HEAVEN BY CAPT. DALE BLACK is a "A PILOT'S TRUE STORY." Capt. Dale Black is a strong man. Unexpectedly one day his whole life changes while he rides in a two engine plane with two other men. The pilot can see nothing in the dark. Soon the plane crashes leaving two of the men dead. Capt. Dale Black is rescued. However, almost every part of his body is broken, smashed or shaved off. Part of his face is shaved off. Living with all of these injuries he also has to live with the guilt of being blamed for the crash. Also, most people want to know why they survived while other people died.

It is not long before we learn that Capt. Dale Black is a man of faith. He begins to rely heavily on the Lord's help believing God is a miracle worker. Often his doctor will shake his head in wonder when there is seemingly impossible change in a smashed ankled where no blood is flowing. At other times, Capt. Dale Black will feel God does not want him to fly again. This makes h…