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Fearless by Max Lucado

"Fearless" by Max Lucado is a wonderfully inspiring book for any person who actively lives with fear everyday. I don't mind admitting it. I deal with anxiety everyday. Throughout the night I worry about my children and grandchildren. While I worry, my husband sleeps peacefully. Of course Christian radio is always on in his car too.

However, Max Lucado's book, "Fearless" is proof that our lives go through seasons. It is not impossible for Jesus to change a person of fear. He can make any person full of courage. The process begins with the opening of this magnificent book.

I have read "Fearless" daily. Each time I read Max Lucado's book I walk away feeling strong enough to kill any Goliath in my path. I also have learned many of my Goliaths are shaped only by my colorful imagination. Half of what I worry about never happens. I could have avoided the headaches, swaying tummy and shaking hands just with a prayer on my lips and a remembrance of one o…

Everyday Greatness with Steven R. Covey and David K. Hatch

"Everyday Greatness" is packed with wonderful stories and quotes about ways to lead a full life by giving of ourselves to others with honesty, courage, humility and empathy and other Fruits of the Spirit. Each story is easy to read. There is no need for a dictionary or other Bible helps. I flowed with each story. Anxiously waiting to examine my inner life to see what I never had tried to change, what I had failed to change or what flaws I had denied ever having at all. A notebook comes in handy to write down quotes from Julie Andrews, Christopher Reeves or Colin Powell and other people.

"Everyday Greatness" is inexhaustible. There are a number of ways to read it. I began at the beginning of the book. Then, I thought about skipping over to personal qualities needed for that very week or month. Whatever way you choose to read it you will feel blessed with purpose. For example, there are three everyday choices: the choice to act, the choice of purpose and the choice of…