Love's First Bloom by Delia Parr

Ruth Livingstone's father is a preacher. His name is Rev. Gershom Livingstone. He is a kind man with a daughter named Ruth. Rev. Livingstone's mission in life is to save the Fallen Angels in New York City. His desire is to give these young women the chance to meet the Lord and live clean, wholesome lives. Rev. Livingstone's whole life changes when he becomes convicted for murdering one of these women. Not only does his life change, his daughter, Ruth's, life changes also. Ruth will begin  a new chapter in New Jersey. Each day is an unknown for Ruth as she worries about her father and all of the recent circumstances in her life including the baby, Lily, the daughter of the murdered prostitute.

Ruth lives every day depending on faith. She prays constantly. "What could possibly matter to any man if he spends even a single day of his life without serving God?" Ruth also starts a small garden. The garden is the one place where she can fine privacy, peace and also, fellowship with the Lord. I really thought about God's beautiful world while reading this book. No matter how bad circumstances become in life there are always lovely trees, colorful flowers and birds flying overhead chirping sweet songs. Therefore, when I am in trouble God is only a heartbeat away using what He has created to make me feel close to Him. Like Ruth, I can come to know Him as the most perfect secret keeper in the universe.  Soon, Ruth's troubles become far more complex. Mercifully He is her focus daily. He is her Everlasting Friend.

In Love's First Bloom by Delia Parr, there are moments when I felt God had lost His plan for Ruth and Lily's life. While in New Jersey Ruth lives under a false identity. There are also other characters in the book who live telling untruths daily to protect the lives of other people or for some other reason. I wondered how in the world would Delia Parr would unravel the tightly knotted lives of these characters. I'm sure God helped her smooth out the wrinkled lives of these people. The novel, Love's First Bloom, is well worth reading. It was impossible for me to figure out where Delia Parr was taking me in this fine book. There was one surprise after another surprise. It remained an adventure until the last page.


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