DARE TO TAKE CHARGE ~ HOW TO Live Your Life on Purpose by Judge Glenda Hatchett

This book, Dare To Take Charge is a special gift from Judge Glenda Hatchett. The writing style of the book is filled with a caring heart for her family, the young people and parents she met while on the bench in Fulton County, Georgia. This book also shows her intense interest for the community when she is not sitting on the bench. Judge Glenda Hatchett is one of those people who carries her heart on her shoulder for all to see. She has a heart of action that will reach out at any time to give extra time to help a person out of a dark place and into a healthy, well lighted environment. If she needs extra help, she will call and ask for it. Believe me she knows lots of important people. These other people are capable of turning a person's world around too.

There are so many memorable anecdotes in DARE TO TAKE CHARGE. One true story is about a young boy who had been abandoned. He needed his mother so badly. He was like melting putty without his mother to guide him through life. Judge Hatchett saw the boy's body trembling as he stood before her. He needed emotional care immediately, not a month, a year but as quickly as possible. Judge Hatchett told her staff to get his mother in court by the end of four hours. Of course, the staff didn't see how this task was possible in such a short time. However, they did find the mother in the given time. This is one of Judge Hatchett's beliefs. When people have a purpose, nothing is impossible.

There are many life stories in this book including Judge Hatchett's personal stories about becoming a lawyer, working as a CEO and as the one to face the media during Delta airlines trying time and working as a judge with hard core cases. While reading the book, I met Judge Hatchett's aunt, cousin and mother and friends. All of those people were there for her when the going got tough and the tough got going. I think of Judge Hatchett as a woman who won't stop at anything to help other people help themselves to lead a better life. She sees too much that needs doing. One time it took a friend to make her go rest while the friend cooked a meal, cared for baby and tidied the house, etc. Of course, this does not happen often because the Judge knows how to live a fruitful life. It came as a surprise to me that she is also a parent. She knows how to use her twenty four hours and not waste a moment.

In this book she freely gives many workable tools. There is not one page I would tear out of this book or not read in this book. Dare To Take Charge is a treasure chest filled with gleaming jewels of wisdom. At the end of each chapter, there are journal pages to help the reader remember what to do to make life eventful and exciting. These pages are there as further help after reading what she has written beforehand.

A couple of weeks ago I heard a young person say goodbye to a group of people. She added the words "it's been real." This is why I like this book. "It's been real." DARE TO TAKE CHARGE is not a thrown together book for an author to make money and get fame and attention. Judge Hatchett wants to make life one of purpose for everybody.  Just think how much better adults and children can live life if they are told "It's not what you're called but what you answer to that will define who you are."

Judge Hatchett points out the importance of giving and sharing what we have with other people. She writes, "Our blessings are meant to be shared." This was my teachable moment in the book. Now all I have to do is DARE TO TAKE CHARGE. 






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