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Phiip Yancey

WHAT GOOD IS GOD BY PHILIP YANCEY is a magnificently inspiring book. Using ten examples of world shattering pain Philip Yancey is able to see light in the midst of darkness. It is true. No matter how dire the circumstances we never walk alone. For example, think of the famous words cross stitched on samplers, framed as photographs and stamped on greeting cards. The poem is called Footsteps in the Sand. The word picture shows one set of footsteps belonging to me. I looked for God to be walking beside me leaving his footsteps in the sand with mine. However, I only see one set of footsteps. I think this means He deserted me. To the contrary, He was carrying me. This is Divinegrace.

At the beginning of the book, Philip Yancey shares a personal experience. He almost lost his life in an accident. Along with this incident and ten other devastating events around the world I ended up asking myself not why did the shootings happen at Virginia Tech or why women are trafficked for sex…

A Maze of Grace by Trish Ryan

A Maze of Grace is Trish Ryan's second book. I want to read her first book, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Trish Ryan shares some details that are in her first book in A Maze of Grace. I wondered how in the world she survived that part of her life. However, she did pick herself up, dust herself off and start all over again. I'm sure she could only do it with God's hand in her hand. The second book is very revealing and honest. Trish Ryan is not afraid to write about days when you don't know where you are going, if you will get there or if you have already been to that place already. Trish Ryan comes clean and tells about wandering in a maze almost like the way the Israelites wandered in the desert.

I was especially moved when she told about she and her husband's desire to have a baby. I've read other books about infertility. I have to say A Maze of Grace really put her shoes on my feet. Truly, I do not believe the struggles with infertility can become real, und…