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The Reverend's Wife by KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY

I've always heard of the high rate of divorce. However, seeing behind the doors of a bad marriage is really shocking.Charlotte and Reverend Curtis Black's marriage is so awful it would take too long to describe here. I do have to mention Charlotte's part in this stale marriage. Charlotte lives to tell about two extramarital affairs. I say lives to tell because my husband wouldn't allow me to live so long. I always hear of women having one affair but two affairs? That fact really shocked me. Of course, Reverend Black isn't perfect. He has a child from a different relationship, Curtina. For a long time Charlotte had trouble bonding with little Curtina. This made me think about how much and why children suffer over the mistakes grown-ups make when they're in love and out of love.

The novel, The Reverend's Wife by KIMBERLA LAWSON ROBY, is a very serious Christian novel. There is so much about marriage and relationships with our children and friend relationship…

I Will Never Forget by ELAINE C. PEREIRA

There are so many books written about a family member becoming weighed down with Alzheimer's disease. There are also quite a few movies about the same subject. For this reason I thought I Will Never Forget by ELAINE C. PEREIRA  wouldn't move me much. However, I spent cherished moments with this book as the author weaved her mother's healthy life toward her life as a patient with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. I have often heard people say how a caretaker's life is altered along with the changes which happen to the patient. From reading the book it's like being thrown out in outer space with no map and little food to nourish the body. After all, most of don't know the first thing about handling a parent who is slowly becoming a child again. Elaine C. Pereira seemed to handle her mother with strength, grace and dignity. She didn't talk to her mother in a condescending manner. Neither did she just lose it and shout at her mother blaming her for a home …


Anne is the major sleuth in this mystery. I really liked her. She is really brave. She moves around the most dangerous places in Florida. Never feeling the least bit afraid. Her number one thought is to find the killer or killers. In RING AROUND THE ROSY by JACKIE FULLERTON there is a string of revenge murders. All the murders are happening in the same family. After the murder, the murderer pins a note on the clothes of the murdered victim. Each murdered person is pinned with a single line from the English rhyme Ring Around The Rosy. This is the way the Detective, Don, and the other law enforcers and Anne can tell how many murders will be committed. Down to two lines of the rhyme they realize the murderer will kill two more people. The murderers want to destroy all of the descendents of this family line.

I sang Ring around The Rosy with my friends as I grew up. Little did I realize what the little song meant. This song was sung during the Pox epidemic. That really shocked me. I thoug…