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Edgy Inspirational Book Challenge

2. Blog about this challenge, then link your blog entry or challenge page to the Linky Tool below so we can hop over to follow your progress.

3. Start reading your six (or more) inspirational ebooks. They don't have to be romance. But it would make my heart sing if you chose at least one inspy romance for the challenge, and bonus points if it's edgy!

4. In the comment section of my challenge page, come back and tell us which books you've completed. And if you review them in your blog, leave links so we can follow. To be eligible for the prizes, make sure to update your original post when you've finished the challenge.

5. I will have blog award buttons available for everyone who completes the challenge. One person from the Linky Tool who finishes 6 ebooks will also win a $10 Amazon gift card. The winner will be chosen 12/31/10.


KIM MEEDER and LAURIE SACHER are very close friends. We can count Mia, the dog, as part of this friendship. One day Laurie adopts Mia. Little does Laurie does not come to grips with all the ways Mia is suffering until she's in the car driving back home with Mia. While driving home, Mia begins to realize she has rescued an animal with big health issues. "Falling silent again, Laurie glanced out into the forest. Emotion tightened her voice as she recounted her dog's losses, her pain." Since Laurie is close to Kim, she shares long, significant talks with her friend while they hike or horseback ride. Mia becomes the center of their conversations. These conversations always lead to God's heavenly hand in our personal lives.

Kim's understanding of broken animals makes her the perfect person for Laurie to talk to about Mia. Kim and her husband own a horse ranch named Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. At the ranch Kim saves broken horses and wounded children. One incident …


JOYCE MEYER POWER THOUGHTS BY JOYCE MEYER is a very special book. Of course, each book she writes is uniquely helpful to Christian growth in some way. I especially like this book because it deals with thought processes. It comes across very clearly in Power Thoughts that there is no way for me to grow without asking the Lord to help me conquer the fortresses in my mind. I must in order to please the LORD bring every thought in to captivity. There is no doubt that HE will help me. I just have to trust HIM.  In the book, Joyce Meyer gives a dozen or Twelve Power Thoughts. The twelve ways of thinking will definitely make the richest, most blessed Christian's life better. For those, like me, who have only begun to take baby steps can only expect to see their spiritual and physical lives improve. Along with a wealth of scriptures, Joyce Meyer has planted this thought-provoking book with journal prompts. These prompts are to help remove the "can'ts" from our lives. In their…


This devotional is special to me for more than one reason. I especially loved A YEAR WITH GOD BY R.P. NETTELHORST because the scripture verses are taken from the Old Testament. Often people say the Old Testament has nothing to do with our life now. After all,  we no longer need to make a Burnt offering or some other offering. Besides, Christ has come and given His life for us. The Old Testament is just about physical duties people had to fulfill in order to have a relationship with their Creator God. However, once I began to read the devotions in A Year With God it became very evident that the Old Testament is full of words telling about God's loves for me, His child. When I don't show love toward God, it hurts Him. He yearns deeply for a relationship with me, His child.  His Everlasting Love is wrapped tightly around us like a warm sheep lined jacket. The author writes "They weren't loyal to God, but God's loyalty to them never wavered. Likewise, God will rememb…

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul

Random House Authors This novella is full of Christmas magic. It is the perfect book for any person who is not feeling the excitement of Christmas. Donita K. Paul turns on all the Christmas lights and decks all the halls with romance in Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball. There is also a bookstore, an old fashioned bookstore on a street named Sage street. I loved the name of the street. The name of the bookstore is delightful too. I tried over and over to say the third name, "Wizbotterdad." I never could do it. I would love to hear Donita K. Paul pronounce Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad .

When I was growing up, I had the chance to visit quite frequently a bookstore downtown. My mother and I took the trolley and subway to Leary's in Philadelphia. Leary's I thought of the store often while reading about this bookstore. Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad makes me remember wooden floors with a squeak, long tall book ladders to reach books far away from reaching …