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It is far from unusual to read a wonderfully inspiring novel by Angela Benson. Her books are never too preachy. Angela Benson's books are just about life's realities. UP POPS THE DEVIL is about a man named Preacher. Preacher has been serving time in prison. While in prison, his whole way of life went through a tremendous change. When he is released to go home, he is a Christian. I really adored this book because it is about making a good change in a really screwed up life. However, becoming a good person does not always equal immediate happiness and comfort. If anything, changing from a worldly person to a Godly person can make your whole life turn an ugly topsy turvy: old friends might not believe in you anymore, siblings might feel disappointed that you are no longer the person who takes dangerous risks. Old girlfriends might feel their new life is threatened by the past they shared with you. All sorts of dynamics can happen for the newly, changed person wanting to live on …