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The Thirteenth Gift by CHARLENE COSTANZO

The Thirteenth Gift by CHARLENE COSTANZO is a novella. While reading it, I was reminded of Aesop's Fables. This time instead of animals there are beautiful stones. The kind of stones we see every day. Temptation makes me walk and push one of these stones along the street. Then, I like to put one in my pocket or hold it tightly in my hand until reaching home. I did wish the author had spent more time talking about the stones and linking the spiritual gifts to the stones. I thought the stones became lost along the way. No matter the story is rich in meaning for daily living.

The story is about Claire. Claire is a very busy woman. She is a mother and wife. She is also a journalist. I should say a workaholic journalist. She cares deeply about the current events happening around the world especially where children are concerned. There is a story told to Claire by an older lady. It's about a kingdom with a king and queen and the birth of royal children. These children a…