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Lazarus Awakening by JOANNA WEAVER is a very powerful and simply laid out Bible study about the life of Christ and the people whom he met during his life here on earth. The names were not unfamiliar to me. There is: Lazarus, Martha, Mary and Jesus. What is magnificent and inspiring about this book is that it took me deeper in to the lives of these ordinary people. Mary is more complex than the Mary who sat at Jesus' feet anxious to hear His words rather than do kitchen duties. Martha also is more developed than the busy, harried hostess preparing an evening meal for her LORD. Surprisingly there is more to tell about the events surrounding Lazarus' death. After being dead for more than a day or two days, have we ever thought about what his body must have smelled or looked like? What were the bandages like?

JOANNA WEAVER also further develops the definition of "tomb." I just think of a big hole or grave. I have never likened it to my personal life. The book, Lazarus Aw…