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AMISH PRAYERS compiled byBEVERLY LEWIS is a beautiful, small prayer book for every moment of a life. I am certain to read and reread prayers over and over again in this book. At the bottom of the page of each prayer there is a scripture verse that fits the particular prayer. The prayers are wide ranging in theme.There are prayers for: unity, gratitude, guidance, praise, strength and for the evening  as well as other themes I have not named here.

What I liked most about the prayer book is the illustrations on the pages. These pictures are delicately sketched in a light reddish brown, a tint, of some sort. The illustrations alone made me want to stay longer in a quiet place to meditate. My favorite picture is the one of the Amish doll. She is used to illustrate comfort.

This book is a treasure chest of love and worship. The prayers are translated from the original German. It has been used by Amish and Mennonites for over 300 years. In the Foreword Beverly Lewis wrote "I am profound…


Lazarus Awakening by JOANNA WEAVER is a very powerful and simply laid out Bible study about the life of Christ and the people whom he met during his life here on earth. The names were not unfamiliar to me. There is: Lazarus, Martha, Mary and Jesus. What is magnificent and inspiring about this book is that it took me deeper in to the lives of these ordinary people. Mary is more complex than the Mary who sat at Jesus' feet anxious to hear His words rather than do kitchen duties. Martha also is more developed than the busy, harried hostess preparing an evening meal for her LORD. Surprisingly there is more to tell about the events surrounding Lazarus' death. After being dead for more than a day or two days, have we ever thought about what his body must have smelled or looked like? What were the bandages like?

JOANNA WEAVER also further develops the definition of "tomb." I just think of a big hole or grave. I have never likened it to my personal life. The book, Lazarus Aw…

The Thirteenth Gift by CHARLENE COSTANZO

The Thirteenth Gift by CHARLENE COSTANZO is a novella. While reading it, I was reminded of Aesop's Fables. This time instead of animals there are beautiful stones. The kind of stones we see every day. Temptation makes me walk and push one of these stones along the street. Then, I like to put one in my pocket or hold it tightly in my hand until reaching home. I did wish the author had spent more time talking about the stones and linking the spiritual gifts to the stones. I thought the stones became lost along the way. No matter the story is rich in meaning for daily living.

The story is about Claire. Claire is a very busy woman. She is a mother and wife. She is also a journalist. I should say a workaholic journalist. She cares deeply about the current events happening around the world especially where children are concerned. There is a story told to Claire by an older lady. It's about a kingdom with a king and queen and the birth of royal children. These children a…

Angel Harp by Michael Phillips

I have taken a trip to Scotland, Port Scarnose, Scotland. I enjoyed the companionship of Marie Buchan a harpist. Marie Buchan is the main character who travels from Canada to Scotland. Her main goal is to put the pieces back together in her life. With difficulty she has been striving to regather her wits after the loss of her husband. They were married for six years. While in Scotland Marie meets Gwendolyn, a sick little girl, Gwendolyn's aunt, Curate Iain and the  long ago friend, the Duke of Buchan castle and other villagers. Each person comes to meet Marie with more than a handshake. Each person has a personal problem. Marie strums the souls of these people as well she might her harp with love and care. The people pour out their problems over a cup of tea or while walking through the rooms of the castle.

I enjoyed the Scottish novel. I found myself stumbling over the Scottish brogue at times. I also discovered people are alike around the world. People need a kind,…


I am so glad not to have missed The FINAL SUMMIT by ANDY ANDREWS. I met very famous people. People I never expected to meet except in a biography, autobiography or documentary. I met Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, King David from the Old Testament, Winston Churchill. There are too many famous names to mention. Just like there were too many famous people attending the Final Summit. Only a few people in the crowd truly shared words and ideas with the most important person, Archangel Gabriel. As easily guessed this book takes you in the world of time travel. The participants in the Summit are called travelers. David Ponder is the host at the table.

In the center of the table is a time box. It is the most important object in the room. After all, without it some of the travelers might feel tempted to talk on and on and on. Archangel Gabriel gives the travelers one question. The question is:  what is needed to restore and establish a good civilization…