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The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

In Aberdeen County there are quite a few secrets. Some secrets lie beyond the grave. Other secrets have never been forgiven. Not only are there unlocked stories in Aberdeen County, there are also people who are very creative. If not creative with there hands, their bodies are sculptured in a way which will never be forgotten.

For example, there is Truly. Truly is very, very big. She is solidly built like nothing is meant to go wasted in her life. There is Amelia who is mostly silently. When a few words leave her lips, it's not hard to believe the words were sculptured with care. Then, there is Robert Morgan who uses his hands to heal the sick. He is a doctor.  There is Marcus who creates gardens with his hands. There is Serena Jane who creates a life, Bobbie. Then, there is Bobbie, her son, who recreates his mother by touching the blue silk dress his mother wore or wearing girl's clothes in secret. There is also Tabitha. Some, in her day, might have thought of her as a witch.…

Christ In Christmas

I looked for Christ in Christmas.
Then, I found Him.

In the answer of a prayer
and the center of a gem.

In  the newborn  baby's cry.
and the mother's softest sigh.

In the little boy's laugh    
and in the church choir's carol near by.

Christ walked all around me
sharing love, hope, peace and good will.

Hallelujah I sing and look at the candle on the sill.

Black Nightingale by Julia Buss

Black Nightingale by Julia Buss is an inspiring Historical novel about Mary Seacole. During the Crimean War, Mary Seacole was a very compassionate nurse who served on the British side. Britain, France and Russia were involved in this war. The British and French fought against Russia.

Mary Seacole never took sides. If a soldier was injured, near death, she helped that soldier. Whether he was British, French or Russian didn't matter to her. She only saw the pain, the ugly wounds or the Scurvy the soldier was suffering with at the time. Not only does the Historical novel portray a fantastic picture of a great woman it also shows the horrors of war. I don't think my mind comprehended what men saw during that time of war. Julia Buss describes in great detail the men who lost limbs, dead bodies piled up unburied, a doctor who didn't wash his hands, mud and blood mixed together, etc.

Throughout the novel, one of Mary Seacole's patients is named over and over again…

Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward

At the end of this fine memoir, many very famous authors wrote about the wonder of this memoir. Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward is about a period of tragedy in Mississippi especially in the Black community. This community because of poverty and racism is causing the death of the young Black male. Jesmyn Ward is to be applauded for making her way through and over many obstacles as she strived to become an author. Her way was far from easy. She cried many tears for friends, cousins and her brother who unfortunately found a block in their path to success. It's important to realize these boy-men wanted success too. They didn't choose to settle for hustling drugs or not finding jobs. I blame it on the values and the place where they were born, and they had no choice in that matter. Throughout the memoir the author gives sad statistics for her birth state, Mississippi. While also including the statistics for the Black male who lives there. Once I had read the memoir and read the stati…

Christmas Poem Challenge

by Harry
This is a very simple challenge for you all. All you have to do is write a poem for Christmas. Serious,  humour or any other type, enjoy writing. See the poets who have posted below. Good luck to you all.

Christmas lights shine bright while reindeer fly in the night.
My gifts are wrapped tight. The angels on the tree in flight.
On Bethlehem's stars they light. Baby Jesus' smiles with all His might.
His swaddling clothes not too tight. The Wise men bow with delight.
Their precious gifts are such a sight. The sheep baas thanks on the right.

Claire of the Sea Light by Edwidge Danticat

Just like sea light shows the ocean in different shades, the novel Claire of the Sea Light by Edwidge Danticat shows Claire in many blended shades while growing up. From Claire's very beginning she is passed along to someone else. It seems like Claire's life will call for her to always stay on the move. First, Claire's mother dies immediately after she gives birth to Claire. Then, Nozias, the fisherman and father, of Claire decides he doesn't have the skill to grow a girl successfully. He asks and wants to pass Claire off to the fabric store owner, Gaelle. Is it any wonder that the day will come when Claire will choose to run away from her life? At least, this time the going and coming is all in her hands. She's the captain of her ship this time.

There are so many tragedies surrounding Claire. Her mother's death, the death of the fabric store owner's little baby. Just living by the sea in Haiti is a foreshadowing of the lives that must be lost. The sea co…

Merry Ex-Mass by Victoria Christopher Murray

Then we both reached for Kendall and Asia. We formed a circle of four, holding hands, and without me having to say a word, the ladies bowed their heads. And there in front of the altar, we raised our petitions to God. We prayed our silent prayers."

No Ordinary Noel by Pat G'orge Walker

This is another fun novel by Pat G'orge Walker. In No Ordinary Noel, the church is having trouble with the bank. The church is low on funds. It's during this Christmas season when Freddie Noel wins the lottery big time. Freddie Noel is willing and now able to help the church get out of its money ditch. However, there is a problem. Rev. Tom hates lotteries and anything to do with gambling whether for a good cause or not. Will Rev. Tom in the midst of so much debt desert his values, or will he remain steadfast about not accepting any lottery money from Freddie Noel?

Along with money troubles, there is a bit of courtship going on in the church. Will Sister Betty marry Freddie Noel? That's the question in my mind. I like both characters. I think they would have a happy marriage. When I turned the last page, I knew my answer would have to come in the next book. I am so anxious to read and find out the answer. So far, she's turned down Freddie's ring handed…