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Crestmont by Holly Weiss

I have just ended a wonderful journey to Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania during the 1920's. The story takes place at the Crestmont Inn. Gracie is the main character who leaves home with the dream of becoming a Vaudeville singer. The book ends in the 1970's.  So we start with Gracie as a young, single woman with a strong dream making her way through life with only the new friends she meets at Crestmont Inn. Reading the book is like taking a step by step walk through any ordinary woman's life. The book is gentle and quiet. Nothing really drastic happens except for those who die from age or small accidents like a golf ball hitting one of the Woods' children on the head during the parade. Also, this is Christian fiction. There are scriptures within the story. I really loved the times when authors or titles of books were mentioned.: Sister Carrie, F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Woman in White.

I liked the book because of the daily moments that can happen to any person. It proved to …