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The Last Valentine by Felix Anderson

I always thought the French and the Italians knew about the intricacies of love. Now I know it is the Spanish too. In "The Last Valentine" by Felix Anderson, there are philosophies about love.There is the desire to love beyond the grave. There is also a mysterious Labyrinth. There is a bloody letter stolen from a dead man and just about every sort of love you can think about no matter whether you have experienced love or not. The characters seem very real. The family histories are interesting, but sadly it is a book that lasts far too long.

Obviously, Felix Anderson is in love with love in "The Last Valentine". There is  no way to read his words without falling in love with love, crying over past loves and remembering words said or not said. I feel all gooey with chocolate, sticky with love and sad because there are graves of those whom I have loved not visited. Yes, this is Historical. It is also about location, Puerto Rico.

It's Not All About Romance

aT Scotland is a raw land. It's filled with brutal fighting with the British and the hidden faces of Highwaymen behind every bush along with monstrous animals. It is also a land known for its supernatural occurrences. Healers and its natural wonders like the Circle of Stones and Rowan wood which spits blue liquid. Although there are many unsettling occurrences, there is also love. Caitlan and Alex along with his many brothers are a special part of "Highland Bloodline" by Florence Love Karsner.  florencelovekarsner

It's 1888 in the spring and summer

I am in Russia at Luka enjoying conversations and the fishing and the deep thoughts of Zinia who is blind and the special company of Anton Pavlovich who wants to write a novel. The house is full of sisters, brothers and friends and a parent or two. Anton deep desire is to write a novel. He does not have the time. He leans on short stories. His encourager is Zinia which is short for a really long name which I can't find at the moment.

I think wisdom must come with illness. As if blindness is not enough, she also suffers with severe headaches. Although blind, she observes so much around her. Nothing is taken for granted. Her time is spent with notebook in hand, her journal. What she will write each day is always a surprise to her.

I now would like to ski. Isn't that a laugh?