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A Trail of Ink by MEL STARR

It makes me more than happy to know that A Trail of Ink by MEL STARR is a series. This novel is the third book in the series involving Hugh de Singleton, a surgeon. In this Medieval mystery Hugh de Singleton becomes wrapped up in a world of intrigue and also, jealousy. The surgeon learns of a friend's lost books. There are twenty-two books missing. Just imagine what this meant in the world at that time. During this era books were truly treasures to own. The missing books belong to John Wyclif. Hugh who reminds me of a gallant gentleman agrees to hunt for the books. To help him along the way he takes his loyal groom, Arthur.

The romp through the streets of England is more than exciting. Men jump out out windows, ears are cut from the head and ladies go undercover on the streets where unreputable women go to sell their wares. Mel Starr is a gifted author. All of my senses were brought alive with the splash of mud, the sight of an ear hanging from a head, a man hanging upside down f…