There Are Reasons Jesus Chose To Ride A Donkey Into Jerusalem by Hattie Norman

It is nearing the Easter season. This morning I thought about the way Jesus chose to arrive in Jerusalem. He didn't choose a beautiful black Stallion. He didn't choose a handsome Arabian horse. He chose to ride a donkey into Jerusalem. When thinking about animals, I rarely give a thought to donkeys. Therefore, I don't know anything about donkeys. This morning, instead of a donkey, my mind pictured a goat. I suppose because of the Fairy tale, Billy Goat Gruff. Then, I thought of goat milk and goat cheese. A donkey? Well, a donkey does have a few good character traits: A donkey is small. A donkey can show as many feelings as a collie or another type of dog. A donkey is also assertive. Plus, a donkey will allow children to ride him. When I read these traits, I understood a little better why Jesus chose the donkey for his celebratory entrance into Jerusalem. This morning I wanted to think of the size of the donkey.

Because a donkey is small, I think Jesus wanted to show humility. He wasn't there to bring attention to Himself. If anything, people who believed in His power and His destiny might have felt saddened by his choice of a donkey or colt. Why not make a splendid entrance into Jerusalem like any King?

No, Jesus showed that His kingship was all about humility. It's about becoming a servant.  It's all about Jesus stretching His hand humbly out to give. He, The King of Kings, wants to give  His Holy Spirit. He wants to share a wedding supper with the masses of people. He wants to give all of us Eternal Life. All of this for any of us who realize our lack of worthiness. We are sinners. Everything we receive from Him is by Grace. All that is needed is a belief in Him. We must never allow appearances or titles to sidetrack us along the way. If anything, I hope to become more like a donkey. Well, without that bit of stubbornness. Even the stubborn spirit in a donkey allows us to see that Jesus accepts our most flawed selves. This humble animal, the donkey, is created with Jesus' most Holy attributes: humility, love of children and the ability to understand all of  our emotions: happiness, sorrow, anger, doubt, pride, etc. Matthew 21:1-11


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