First Chapter First Paragraph

"Come quick before he starts looking for you!" my grandpa hissed in a frantic whisper from below my bedroom window, where he stood on an overturned wheelbarrow with outstretched arms while my father roared drunkenly downstairs."


Oh, my, that is quite a scene! I haven't read this author in a while...time to return!

Here's mine: “BLUEPRINTS”

Suzie Quint said…
I can already feel the threat. Good writing.
Kay said…
That sounds scary and yes, I'd have to read on to see what happens. Hope you enjoy it!
Topazshell said…
Thanx for stopping by.
I guess I'm finicky because that first sentence seems run-on to me. If the whole book is written that way, it would bother me! However, I like the scene it portrayed. I hope you're enjoying the story.
My Tuesday post features THE ROSIE PROJECT.
A powerful opening! I'd have to keep reading!
Literary Feline said…
That opens up a lot of possibilities, doesn't it? I would keep reading just to find out what they are up to.
JoAnn said…
I want to know what happens next...
Topazshell said…
I know. It's very hard to stop reading it.
That intro makes me want more! Enjoy
Margot said…
Good intro. I'd have to read a bit more before deciding to read all of it.

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