Always Remember His Commandments

This morning I read a verse in Deuteronomy. It is about the importance of keeping God's word in our hearts and minds (Deuteronomy 6:6-7). I also thought about jewelry. At different times in my life, family have given me religious jewelry. First, I remember receiving a sterling silver Ten Commandment bracelet. On each charm shaped like a tiny tablet was a commandment. All ten of the commandments were on the bracelet. Then, I remember a necklace that belonged to my mother. From the chain hung of the necklace hung a tiny glass ball trimmed in gold. Inside the the glass ball was a mustard seed. I also once owned a pretty cross with a tiny magnifying glass in the center. When you squinted your eye and looked inside you could read The Lord's Prayer. Then, a few years ago my husband gave me a gold cross. Jesus' body is there on the cross as He was being crucified.

All of these pieces of jewelry came to mind while reading Deuteronomy this morning. However, the better way to keep God's word as a focus is to center it in our hearts and minds everyday. Corrie Ten Boom and her sister did this everyday in a concentration camp. The book is The Hiding Place. There is also a movie about their inspirational journey through this bad period in World History. Neither sister forgot about God's promise to stay with them in the midst of trying times. God wants us to think of His word, His Commandments all day long in whatever circumstances we might face. David said His word was His meditation all the day long. Although some of my jewelry has passed through other hands or gotten lost, more importantly is the fact that God's word will never fade from my mind. There is no reason to worry. In His word, John speaks about The Holy Spirit. He says The Holy Spirit will help us remember all things that we have been taught. Praise God!


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