A Gift From My Son

My family is such a wonderful part of my life, the best part of my life. It just makes my heart wiggle to think that God planned my unique family especially for me long ago. I remember one day my teen-age son who is now a man drew me a rose. I didn't know he could draw so well. The rose was sketched with a charcoal pencil. It wasn't colored in so I was able to see each petal. I felt so proud. No, he didn't choose to become an artist, but it's never too late. His life is just beginning. He's a young man with a vision of spreading the Gospel. 

Thinking of my family and this son in particular this morning makes me want to Praise The Lord loudly with a grateful heart. It bereaves my heart that I haven't said thank you and sung praises about my family more in the past. I know it's never too late. Today is a new beginning. (Proverbs 2:12-13)


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