Drinking Coffee In The Mornings

I miss one of my daily rituals. I love to drink one cup of coffee every morning. Lately, I have thought about giving up that one cup of coffee. Then, I thought; "what would my life feel like without it?" I would feel numb. One reason I get up out of bed is to drink a cup of cafe' au lait. It's not the mocha taste necessarily. It's because a mug of coffee gives me a reason to sit down and rest in the moment. Otherwise, I would keep roaming from project to project like a butterfly drifts from rose to rose.

Usually, I'm sitting at my computer drinking my cup of coffee. I look at my emails especially the ones about books. Then, I feel my body become awake like a Polar bear wakes from a long winter sleep. I drink more sips of coffee. I rest in the blessing of the day. God has given me another day to enjoy. I rest in the scripture. "'This is the day which the Lord hath made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.'" (Psalm 118:24).


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