Aunt Dimity: Detective by Nancy Atherton

It's always fun to read a cozy from Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity series. I'm glad to see Aunt Dimity's writing is still going strong. Also glad that Reginald is still around, the pink stuffed rabbit. In Aunt Dimity: Detective,  Prunella Hooper is the mean, nosy woman who lives in Crabtree Cottage. She has a swinging brick for a heart. Her window looking out on the square seems to give her fodder for gossip. Anyway, there is more to learn about her in Aunt Dimity: Detective.

The twins are doing well. However, Bill is away on a working trip in London. He's Lori's husband. Lori is the  sweet sleuth in Finch, England. While Bill is gone, Lori meets Nicholas the nephew of the vicar and his wife. There is murder in the village. Each page becomes more exciting as Aunt Dimity scrawls away in her journal using blue ink. Thank goodness, Lori has such a wonderful confidante. Looking forward to getting back to other Aunt Dimity cozies.


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