Scripture Memory Verse 9/26/10-10/2/10

Collettas kitchen sink Scripture Memory Verse This meme is given by Colletta's Kitchen Sink.  The verse is Luke 6:46.

Love's First Bloom by Delia Parr

Ruth Livingstone's father is a preacher. His name is Rev. Gershom Livingstone. He is a kind man with a daughter named Ruth. Rev. Livingstone's mission in life is to save the Fallen Angels in New York City. His desire is to give these young women the chance to meet the Lord and live clean, wholesome lives. Rev. Livingstone's whole life changes when he becomes convicted for murdering one of these women. Not only does his life change, his daughter, Ruth's, life changes also. Ruth will begin  a new chapter in New Jersey. Each day is an unknown for Ruth as she worries about her father and all of the recent circumstances in her life including the baby, Lily, the daughter of the murdered prostitute.

Ruth lives every day depending on faith. She prays constantly. "What could possibly matter to any man if he spends even a single day of his life without serving God?" Ruth also starts a small garden. The garden is the one place where she can fine privacy, peace and also…

Thankful Thursday

Well Watered Garden
1I am thankful for different fruits like pears, apples, grapes, bananas.
2.I am thankful for the freedom to think in the way I choose.
3.I am thankful for park benches
4.I am thankful for memories
5.I am thankful for friends.

Bittersweet Memories by Cecilia Dowdy

In Bittersweet Memories by Cecelia Dowdy, I became so involved with the problems facing the characters in the book. Karen Brown is the main character. After disturbing information about her fiancee, she returns to her mother's home in Annapolis. Lionel, Karen's fiancee, shamelessly embezzles thousands of dollars from their church. The assistant treasurer becomes his accomplice. I felt so badly for Karen. It is no surprise that Karen ends up at her mother's home with baggage and a heavily burdened heart.

Karen quickly learns bad memories don't disappear like melting ice. She learns ugly circumstances will follow her until she makes peace with what has happened to her. Thankfully, she knows how to stay in prayerful contact with The Lord. She also communicates with her mother. Cecilia Dowdy wrote deeply about the relationship between the mother and daughter. A subject most psychologists and social workers have spent great time studying and writing about in different book…

Murder, Mayhem and a fine man by Claudia Mair Burney(CHRISTIAN FICTION)

Murder, Mayhem & a fine man by Claudia Mair Burney is a novel about the powerful issue of cult involvement. At the very end of the book Claudia Mair Burney gives her heroine a voice one last time in the novel. Bell give five important points to know whether the man you are falling for is an off the wall character who might bring danger and trouble your way. These five points might possibly lead some woman away from a man who has his head on wrong. If readers read this book, I hope that they will not bypass this important page.

In the novel Amanda Bell Brown is a psychologist. She brings her life experiences to one important case. After two men are murdered, Bell is called to talk to Susan Hines. Involved with a cult leader Susan Hines has become totally unresponsive to anyone. As Bell works with this young woman her past comes back to haunt her. She sees Susan Hines as whom she might have become if God had not saved her.

Bell meets Jazz while he is working the same case. Jazz, in…


FLIGHT to HEAVEN BY CAPT. DALE BLACK is a "A PILOT'S TRUE STORY." Capt. Dale Black is a strong man. Unexpectedly one day his whole life changes while he rides in a two engine plane with two other men. The pilot can see nothing in the dark. Soon the plane crashes leaving two of the men dead. Capt. Dale Black is rescued. However, almost every part of his body is broken, smashed or shaved off. Part of his face is shaved off. Living with all of these injuries he also has to live with the guilt of being blamed for the crash. Also, most people want to know why they survived while other people died.

It is not long before we learn that Capt. Dale Black is a man of faith. He begins to rely heavily on the Lord's help believing God is a miracle worker. Often his doctor will shake his head in wonder when there is seemingly impossible change in a smashed ankled where no blood is flowing. At other times, Capt. Dale Black will feel God does not want him to fly again. This makes h…