Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman

Over the years Camilla Fox changes the way she chooses to worship God, her Heavenly Father. When she married Nathan Fox, she gave her heart to the Mormon religion. After the birth of her children, Melissa, Lottie and a little boy who doesn't survive, Camilla decides this isn't the religious values she wants to teach her children. I think the arrival of Amanda, the Sister wife just adds wood to the fire. Brigham Young and Joseph Smith's doctrinal values just about turn Camilla's stomach. She decides to leave Nathan and the children. Putting distance between herself and the religion will help her hear God's voice more clearly.

"In my heart, I renounced the teachings of the prophet the day my son died, but I remained faithful to my marriage. I chose my husband over my faith. But when the time came for me to ask the same of him, I begged him not to bring another woman into our home, but I held no such place in his heart."

Camilla's inner and outer journey is fascinating. I was encouraged by her ability to remain strong during her ordeal. Like all of us there is one point when she loses the battle with her faith. Still, she rises again to walk a narrow road where she finds people judging her and must wonder whether she will ever see her children again. I was especially moved and totally disturbed by her friend Evangeline's behavior. It's hard to take the fact that a woman can deceitfully hurt the woman she claims as friend.

FORSAKING ALL OTHERS by ALLISON PITTMAN also made me realize the difficulties in moving out of a religious body. People don't take kindly to another person rejecting their religious values. Life can all of a sudden become a religious battlefield. Children can become the center of the storm. Their innocence doesn't leave them with the possibility of why their world is suddenly topsy turvey.

"Your papa is married to your Auntie Amanda, and now your Auntie Evangeline, too. And...well, when I was gone for such a long time, I decided that maybe I shouldn't be his wife anymore."

Throughout the book I did learn about the Mormon belief. There is mention, of course, of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith. Allison Smith doesn't make this a manual about the Mormon faith. There is just enough information in the novel. Then, if a person would choose, they could study more about this religion. I think the book is mesmerizing. I can't wait to read the authors other books.themormonreligion


Sidne,the BCR said…
Nice review. I'm going to place this novel on my reading list. sounds wonderful. autobio and memoirs and christian fiction are my best reads.

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