Alan Christoffersen is the voice in the novel "The Walk" by RICHARD PAUL EVANS. After a heart wrenching tragedy, Alan Christoffersen decides to walk. Before he decides to walk from Seattle all the way to Key West there is a major battle with whether to destroy his life. Thank goodness, he chose life and a long walk.

" The door locked automatically behind me, and without a single key in my pocket, I stood outside on the front patio. Then, without looking back, I began to walk."

At first, the novel seemed a bit slow. Then, I thought after such a terrible loss life does seem to move slowly and heavily like an overweight elephant. As Mr. Christoffersen walked throughout different towns I could feel a bit of the weight lifting from his shoulders and also from the pages of the book. I especially liked the people he met along the way. His new acquaintances proved far more loyal than the friends he had known for years. Yes, along with the loss of a loved one there is the realization that friends can betray you in big, big way.

One of the people I will always remember is the the young man struggling to eat his pancakes with no hands. He had been in a bicycle accident. I also enjoyed the different meals Mr. Alan ate along the way. In particular, there is an Ostrich burger. Surprisingly there are Ostrich burger recipes online.  Alan decided to cover his Ostrich burger with ketchup. When I was growing up, I hated scrambled eggs. I would cover all that yellow with ketchup. I could really identify with his feelings about the Ostrich burger.

This is one of the lighter moments written about in Alan's journal. Mostly there is the daily chore of making it through each day and night. Wishing life could fall back in place like the chips in a kaleidoscope. As if Alan Christoffersen isn't dealing with enough emotional baggage, there is a horrible set of circumstances waiting to meet him on his travels. Again I thought about how life can really seem totally unfair at times. As I drew near the end of Alan's diary, events began to mushroom. There are new philosophical truths to ponder. I asked myself. Could this really happen? I was left to think about what my mother use to say "God does work in mysterious way His wonders to perform." The last few pages are totally incredible. Alan Christoffersen knows the readers of his diary might think he's lost his mind due to so many traumatic events happening in his life. He is comfortable with the fact that some people will not believe. He writes these words.

"Frankly it doesn't matter to me if you don't believe that this really happened, just so long as you believe that I do."



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