A Lancaster County Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

C.J. and Jaime are husband and wife. They are on their way to visit Jaime's father for Christmas. The plan is to go on a Christmas cruise. However, their plans are not God's plans. When Jaime finds the left behind wooden whistle of a little boy named Danny in the doctor's office, she wants to return it.From the moment Jaime, a passionate photographer, steps out of that doctor a Christmas adventure begins. She and the other people in her world will meet new life experiences and question age old values. Each person will struggle with personal questions about marriage, children, religious beliefs, etc. I nestled inside the novel easily. I wanted to know how is it possible to believe in God's Perfect love when tragedy strikes our lives. Jaime's spiritual questions reach deep and are so real.

"Oh Mattie, do you honestly believe that God who created the universe and put laws of gravity into place--do you honestly believe he cares about our little, tiny planet in this small Milky Way galaxy, among billions of galaxies! Do you really think we're of any significance to him?"

Each character is full bodied. Suzanne Woods Fisher's portrayal of the Amish way of life is clear and precise. Thankfully, she did not make the Amish seem like perfect people. Zach's situation with his family proves every Amish family does not handle problems in the most graceful way. There is Mattie who, at times, is overprotective of Danny. At one point, Mattie finds herself needing to regroup and remember God is in control always.

"To think she had tried to hide her dark thoughts from God, to stuff them down, to pretend they didn't exist....God promises to never leave us, nor forsake us--whatever our circumstances."
Suzanne Woods Fisher novel makes the point that in all circumstances God is with us. The author puts it this way.

"My first thank-you belongs to the Lord Almighty, who entered into creation at Christmas to bring redemption to a fallen world. That's the message of this little story: Emmanuel--God is with us."suzannewoodsfisher


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